We might query their tactics, question their decisions and generally point out how we would have done things differently. But every football fan appreciates the value of a great coach.

Indeed, in the increasingly sophisticated modern day game, the job of club coach is arguably more important, and undoubtedly more demanding, than ever before. And there are plenty who excel at it. But what we at FIFA.com want is you to single out the greatest of them all by answering this queston: Who is the best club coach in world?

Perhaps for you, it comes down to a question of style. Do you like your team's coach to adopt a calm, measured demeanour, or do you prefer the more charismatic kind who swagger into press conferences, indulge in mind-games and kick every ball on the touchline? Or maybe you simply feel that one coach's record in the transfer market, on the training ground or in the trophy room makes them peerless in this most precarious of professions?

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