Every year without fail, clubs across the globe pay over-the-odds for players. Big sums are parted with only for the 'star' in question to fail to justify his transfer fee.

But for every ill-trusted investment, there comes the exact opposite - a value-for-money signing - and this is what FIFA.com would like to focus your attention on. We would like to know which club's signing of which player was the biggest bargain?

A number of players have been signed for peanuts and gone on to excel for their buyers, inspiring them to honours or performing so impressively that they were sold on for considerable profit. Not that a bargain is necessarily a low-cost recruit. Perhaps your pick is a player signed for a considerable sum who, nonetheless, went on to make his club's outlay appear small change.

Whatever your view on which signing was the best value for money, be it from yesteryear or yesterday, FIFA.com would like to hear from you. Click on 'Add your comment' to join the debate, but please remember to keep your posts clean, respectful and in English.