With Lionel Messi and Cristiano Ronaldo set to share the same stage for the second time in a week this Tuesday, it seems an appropriate time to debate the relative merits of two of the game's finest talents.

Rarely over the past few decades has there been such a justifiable buzz within the game about the extent of potential contained within two players, who at 20 and 23 respectively, are already widely considered to be at the pinnacle of their profession.

Certainly, while the prodigious pair might have been edged out by Kaka for last year's FIFA World Player of the Award, with Manchester United's free-scoring winger leading the race for Europe's Golden Shoe and his Argentine counterpart having usurped Ronaldinho as Barcelona's undisputed talisman, few would bet against one or the other going one better next year.

The task we have for you, the FIFA.com users, is simply to choose which of these two extravagantly gifted superstars you would prefer to have in your team. It's likely that you are admirers of both, but while Messi and Ronaldo have their own unique attributes, we want you to provide us with a verdict on which of the two is better.

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