A number of teams merited a mention in response to FIFA.com's latest 'Have Your Say' debate: Which team is best to watch? But it was a quartet of European club sides and a South American giant of the international game that garnered the most support.

Arsenal, Barcelona, Fenerbahce, Manchester United all reached the quarter-finals of the UEFA Champions League, and according to you, they did so playing attractive football.

"For me it has to be Manchester United," opined Zeezinho of Canada. "Just every play, pass and goal is always a beauty to watch and they make it look so easy."

Nigeria's Holyparcel plumped for another Premier League outfit: "The best team I love to watch is Arsenal. These young Gunners play enterprising football that has you glued to your seat for 90 minutes."

Although from England, omovigho had a different view: "I think that Barcelona are the best when they have their full team. Their football is mesmerising."

Zeugma of Turkey took the patriotic route: "Fenerbahce football players have given a delicious taste to European football," while compatriot, RONALDINHOo, commented: "In my opinion, Fenerbahce is playing really awesome football, they're playing with Brazilian style."

Boca Juniors, Chelsea, Guadalajara, Liverpool, Porto and Real Madrid were also well backed.

In national team terms, users crowned Brazil, although Argentina and Spain both came in for support. "To me watching Brazil play is second to none. This is because every time they produce quality players who play entertaining football and at the same time get results," said aboudou of Gambia.

USA's slvfan91 was another bowled over by the Seleção's esteemed style: "Brazil is the best team to watch. They really bring out the beauty of football when they start playing samba on the field," while Venezuela's Gustavius proclaimed: "Brazil hands down, when they start doing their jogo bonito they are just amazing."

PSG tipped to survive
Previously, FIFA.com had asked which teams would avoid top-flight relegation, and there was significant confidence in Paris Saint-Germain. "I think PSG wil stay up," said USA's Barca2oo8, before adding that it would be "the biggest shock if they do not."

Another American, whatyadoin, was more specific with his French Ligue 1 demotion predictions. "I say Monaco and Strasbourg will make the descent with Metz," they opined.

Malaysia's foongwk chose to assess the Premier League situation: "With Derby County already doomed to relegation, I think Birmingham City and Fulham will likely join them in the Championship next season."

According to England's johnnie, "Sunderland and Birmingham City will beat the drop and Fulham and Bolton (Wanderers) will go down with Derby."

In Spain, meanwhile, a former La Liga champion came in for support. "Deportivo will definately beat the drop," decalred FCRatm of the USA. Depor are also one of the sides Pakistan's shehry expects to retain their place among the elite. "Bolton, Deportivo and PSG have to stay up - they are too high profile to go down," they said.

Matla's DanRyan chose to disagree: "As Leeds (United) have shown, no team is too good to go down," he warned.

Only time will tell which of you were right were right. In the meantime, we'd like to turn you attention to another topic: Who is the pass master?