Domestic leagues the world over are a source of grand entertainment. Week in, week out, enthusiasts populate stadiums and glue themselves to television screens to watch the action they provide. The question would now like you to answer is: what is the most exciting league in the world?

The European 'big five' certainly serve their share of thrills. Maybe the physical, fast-paced style of the English Premier League is to your liking. Or do you prefer the French Ligue 1, the German Bundesliga or the Italian Serie A? If flair is your choice on the menu, then the Spanish La Liga is undoubtedly one to consider.

Perhaps you feel as though another championship on the Old Continent tops the entertainment chart. The Super Leagues in Greece and Turkey, Premier Leagues in Russia, Ukraine and Scotland, Dutch Eredivisie and Portuguese BWINLIGA are just a few of the many options.

There is no shortage of charm across the Americas, too, with the Brasileiro, the Primera Division in both Argentina and Mexico, and Major League Soccer in the USA among the most popular. Or maybe who feel that, in terms of excitement, nothing beats a league in Asia, Africa or Oceania.

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