Goals are the essence of football, the exclamation points on an elegant and extended text. In the latest instalment of FIFA.com's Have Your Say series, we'd like to hear which goals you consider the greatest you've ever seen.

Was it Diego Maradona's effort following a mazy, taunting dribble against England at the 1986 FIFA World Cup Mexico™, or perhaps the Carlos Alberto strike following a wonderful team move which sealed Brazil's 4-1 win over Italy in the Mexico 1970 Final?

George Weah, Roberto Baggio, Roberto Carlos, Ronaldo and Lionel Messi, to name just a few, have all scored crackers in recent decades. Does your top pick belong to one of them?

Goals can be great for a multitude of reasons, and not all of them aesthetic. Perhaps a close-range scrambler saw your favourite side promoted, or relegated a foe. Maybe a long-range screamer put your national team into their first world finals... the options are endless and varied.

Whatever the reasons behind your response, we look forward to reading your views, although remember to stick to football principles by keeping the debate clean and respectful. Just click 'Add your comment' below and describe the best goal you've ever seen.