Daniel Passarella hoisting aloft in the Monumental in 1978, greedily clutching the golden icon, Marco Tardelli's primal scream after scoring Italy's crucial second against Germany in Madrid 1982, Ronaldo's redemptive golden kiss in 2002 after his disappointment four years earlier.

We are all familiar with the images of FIFA World Cups™ past. But now, for the first time talking exclusively to FIFA.com, some of the game's greatest players and coaches take a trip back in time and try to put into words what it meant for them to lift sport's ultimate prize - the FIFA World Cup.

With free exclusive video clips only available here on FIFA.com, you can learn the secrets, the hidden stories, tensions and joys behind the well-known winners and their famous wins. Read on for a taste of the secret history of the FIFA World Cup from 1974 to 2006...

The scene: Zinedine Zidane, alone in his room at the French national training centre the night before the 1998 Final in Paris.

Enter: Laurent Blanc, suspended for the following day's match.

"Lolo came into my room, and said to me, 'Zizou you've played well so far, everyone agrees on that. But if there's one match where you have to perform, one match where you have to make a mark, it's this one tomorrow, this Final.' Those words have stuck in my mind ever since. Laurent was a great player, someone everybody had a lot of time for and a person I admired. And I promise you that hearing those words the day before the game really got me going."

The scene: Diego Armando Maradona alone in rapture at the corner flag after scoring the 'goal of the century' against England at the Azteca in 1986.

Enter: Jorge Burruchaga, first to join in the jubilation.

"The first thing I said to him was "You son of a bitch! What a goal!" But it was said with pure delight, because he'd just done the impossible given the condition of the pitch. Somehow, being the genius that he was, he'd managed it, and all while moving with the grace of a dancer. That was Diego for you."

The scene: Marco Tardelli has just gone sprinting and screaming back up the field after scoring Italy's crucial second goal in the 3-1 Final win over West Germany in 1982.

"It was such a release... scoring in the Final and realising a dream. I had a job I never considered to be work. It was just a game. I never experienced any mental pain from my job, physical pain, yes. But it was always fun to get up in the morning and go training. I also felt released from a certain [section of the] press, who had always lambasted us. It was like we were at war with them. But we won in the end. I was born with that scream, it didn't just emerge at that moment. You live your life and have some good experiences and some bad ones. Then it all comes out at that moment."

The scene: Gerd Muller scores the only goal for the hosts in the semi-final against Poland to put West Germany in the 1974 Final. But German full-back Paul Breitner has a secret.

"They (Poland) were definitely the best team at that competition We beat them 1-0 in Frankfurt. It was a very wet day and I'm certain we wouldn't have won if it hadn't been for the conditions. The Polish team was just as perfectly structured as our team in 1972, which was a team with a true symbiosis between artists, technical players, fighters, sloggers, youth, old hands and experience. It was a perfectly harmonious blend that produced simply fantastic football."

The scene: Argentina coach Carlos Bilardo is locked away sulking as his players celebrate triumph in 1986.

"All the players were really happy, but I shut myself away in a room and felt really quite angry. I was really annoyed about those two goals we conceded late from corner kicks."

Winning the FIFA World Cup is never simple or straightforward. Learn the secret stories behind the triumphs of those few champions who held the world in their hands and see them reunited with their one true love - the FIFA World Cup Trophy. Beckenbauer, Ronaldo, Ronaldinho, Zoff, Matthaus and many more tell their stories in this captivating section of the new FIFA.com.