The most deserving men's and women's winners at of the FIFA World Player of the Year awards and Fabio Capello's appointment as England coach were the latest subjects opened for debate, and while users crowned their top all-time Gala winners, they were unable to reach a consensus on the Italian's arrival in the Three Lions hot-seat. reflects on the latest in our gripping line of Have Your Say topics.

Zizou and Marta lead the way
It was the mercurial Zinedine Zidane, crowned the world's best in 1998, 2000 and 2003, and the reigning two-time women's queen Marta that users elected the most deserving winners of the men's and women's FIFA World Player of the Year awards respectively. The iconic Frenchman got the nod ahead of Brazilian striker Ronaldo, whose compatriot Kaka also received significant applause.

As his username suggests, Malaysia's ZidaneKaka had loyalties to two winners. He was, however, able to split the pair. "Kaka is my favourite player but to me, the best player would still be Zinedine Zidane."

Gofrance1998 of Canada agreed: "Although all of these players are very good, Zinedine Zidane rises above the rest. The fact that he won it three times says it all in himself," while Zizzouu of Pakistan also pointed to the fact that the legendary playmaker was a multiple recipient of the honour. "The fact that Zinedine Zidane won this award three times, was a European champion, won the World Cup for France and almost won another one, makes him not just the greatest winner of this prestigious award, but also one of the greatest players of all time."

Zidane's former Real Madrid team-mate Ronaldo came in a close second. "I'm not a Brazilian fanatic, but I would certainly think that Ronaldo and Marta are the greatest winners of all time," opined Liberia's thelegendali, whose countryman George Weah won the men's award in 1995.

And a majority of users agreed with him over the greatest ever female winner at the Gala, with Marta pipping USA's 2001 and 2002 champions Mia Hamm to first place.

Jury out on Capello
users were divided on whether Fabio Capello, who recently succeeded Steve McClaren for his first stint as an international football head coach, was the right man to take England forward, with some casting doubt on his appointment and others relaying confidence that the Italian would deliver success.

"Capello was the best choice England had," declared Afghanistan's Olefreestyle in support. "Capello is a great coach and WILL bring success to England." Another user was equally adamant: "I think Capello can do wonders with the England team. Just look at his record," wrote facemelter of Canada.

South of the border in the USA, the verdict was split. "I am not sure that Fabio is a good fit for English style of play. There is no doubts that he is a very talented coach but he has no experince coaching bunch of Englishmen and this can pose a huge problem, opined NYREDDEVIL. Carlosdcosta apopted a more artistic approach to get his point acorss: "I see Capello to England, kind of like going to buy a really nice pair of sneakers that everyone is talking about, trying them on and not fitting to well. They might look good, but they sure don't fit good and feel well at all, and then come to find out they are not for everyone."

The final word went to ZDUDE. "Only a Martian would not see the benefit Capello brings to England. Capello will bring back pride to the English team."

Only time will tell if he will. In the meantime, be sure to enter into our latest Have Your Say debate: Who has the most attractive kits in the world?