It is a grey day at Aston Villa's training ground, Bodymoor Heath.  Although the English spring is just days away, there is more of a winter feel about the place.  Snow has begun to fall outside and almost all of the players are wearing ski hats and gloves.  In the warmth, two youth team players chat about Villa's game away to Everton.

Despite being 15th in the Premiership table, there is an a positive feeling surrounding the club.  Although their fans are asking questions about their mediocre position, there is a definite air of confidence inside the dressing room.  The team coach is due to leave at noon.  It's 11.40am now - and Milan Baros breezes onto the bus, while laughing with another team-mate.

The Aston Villa press officer scampers after him.  It is a genuine mistake.  Baros, apologetic, sits down, still smiling and ready for his interview with

The Czech Republic star is suitably apologetic, takes a deep breath and proclaims: 'I'm ready now.' So Milan, when did you first start to fall in love with the game of football?
Milan Baros:
Ever since I can remember!  In fact, I had a net in the garden of my house, so I used to play football with my friends there - or I used to practice shooting by myself.  It was easier when there was no goalkeeper! 

What do you think your strengths as a footballer are?
That's not a question for me to answer!  But I will tell you that I enjoy scoring goals and I just love playing the game of football.

At Banik Ostrava you were compared to Maradona.   How did that feel at the time?
I'm not sure who originally said that, but I didn't pay too much attention to it.  Of course, I saw the headlines in the newspapers and people were quick to tell me, but I think we are two very different players.  In football, there is only one Diego Maradona and there is only one Milan Baros.  

I'm sure a lot of the top clubs were interested in you back then.  What made you choose to come and play in England?
When I was a child, it was my dream to play in England, so I was delighted when Liverpool came in for me.  It made my dream come true.  There was pressure in signing for Liverpool, it's not easy to go from the Czech league to such a big club like Liverpool, but I had confidence in myself.  I just tried to do my best and in the end I had three and a half good years at Anfield.

What are your memories of the UEFA Champions League final against AC Milan in Istanbul?
Lifting the trophy, that was the main memory.  Feeling on top of the world or on top of Europe at least, that was the other memory.  It was a match of drama, of incident and for Liverpool, victory.  The next day the sight of half a million people lining the streets of Liverpool is something that I will remember for the rest of my life. 

Were you disappointed to be substituted?
No, not really.  I played for 85 minutes and gave 100 per cent for the team.  We had pulled it back to 3-3 and I think the manager wanted a pair of fresher legs than mine.  I would have been disappointed if I felt that I could have done better, but no, I did my best, I played at the highest tempo that I could and I'm proud to say that I played my part. 

Lyon and Schalke were very interested to sign you at the beginning of the season - what made you come to Aston Villa?
I wanted to stay in England or go to Spain and Aston Villa wanted me.  We made a deal very quickly and easily and I was delighted to sign for the club.

Are you enjoying it here?
Yes, I'm happy here.  I've scored 10 goals this season in 25 games, which is not bad - and it is good here.