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The Professional Football Department was established in 2016 to manage the various channels of communications with key football stakeholders, including clubs, players and leagues.

It functions as the secretariat of the Football Stakeholders Committee, a consultative body that advises the FIFA Council on all matters relating to football, particularly the structure of the game, as well as issues relating to club football worldwide.

In addition, the department is in charge of developing projects aimed at professionalising the game all around the world, including club licensing and bespoke programmes for leagues and clubs.

In line with FIFA’s overall vision, the Professional Football Department also works on projects whose goal is to make football truly global by creating an ecosystem where a larger number of clubs and players are given the opportunity to compete at the very highest level.

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Professional Football Landscape

The Professional Football Landscape is the first-ever digital database providing a detailed visual overview of football and its worldwide components.

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Professional Football Journal
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Diploma in Club Management

The Diploma in Club Management aims to provide club executives from all around the world with the latest practical know-how and insights from the industry, covering key areas in the successful management of football clubs.

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Football stakeholders

Since the approval of wide-reaching reforms in early 2016, FIFA has made ambitious improvements to ensure strengthened dialogue and collaborative decision‑making among football stakeholders.

In its role as world football’s governing body, FIFA is committed to shaping the future of football – both as a game and as an industry – in an inclusive manner and in the best interests of the fans and all the key stakeholders of the sport.

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In the past, football governance suffered from a disconnect between the various voices and interests associated with the game and the decisions being made on its future. With the new leadership, and following the governance reform process, FIFA has strengthened the dialogue and collaborative decision-making with football stakeholders.

The European Club Association, World Leagues Forum, FIFPRO and other relevant bodies work with FIFA, its member associations and the confederations on a regular basis to ensure that actions and decisions in strategic areas do not adversely impact the game.

Other projects

League and Club Professional Programmes

The Professional Football Department manages a variety of programmes aimed at promoting the professionalisation of the game all around the world, overseeing the implementation of club licensing worldwide and developing bespoke projects for clubs and ...

Club licensing

Club licensing is a key element in promoting the professionalisation of football all over the world.

FIFA Club Benefit Programme

The FIFA World Cup Club Benefits Programme was designed to recognize the contribution which football clubs make to the success of staging the FIFA World Cup™.


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