Member associations release reports on intermediaries

In accordance with the FIFA Regulations on Working with Intermediaries and FIFA Circular no. 1519 the FIFA member association’s first report on intermediaries’ activity on their territory was required to be published by 30 March 2016.

As set out in FIFA Circular no. 1519, the FIFA Disciplinary Committee tasked FIFA TMS Integrity and Compliance with monitoring “the proper implementation of the minimum standard requirement by the associations in line with the Regulations on Working with Intermediaries and with providing detailed reports of the results of all the steps undertaken**”.

Over the past year, FIFA TMS Integrity and Compliance has contacted member associations to locate their respective reports and to determine what information has been published by each one of them.

Based on Reports published by the FIFA TMS Data & Report department, in particular the Reports on "Intermediaries in International Transfers 2016" and "Global Transfer Market Report 2017", please find below the links to the reports of those member associations where clubs engage the most intermediaries and spend the highest commissions on intermediaries.

Austria (Österreichischer Fussball-Bund)

Belgium (Union Royale Belge des Sociétés de Football-Association)

Brazil (Confederação Brasileira de Futebol)

Croatia (Croatian Football Federation)

Denmark (Dansk Boldspil-Union)

England (The Football Association Ltd.)

* France

Germany (Deutscher Fussball-Bund)

* Italy (Federazione Italiana Giuoco Calcio)

***[List of all registered intermediaries*](

Consolidated total figure of remuneration agreed by each affiliated clubs of every professional leagues:

  • Serie A consolidated remuneration

  • Serie B consolidated remuneration

  • Lega Pro League consolidated remuneration

Single transactions:

  • League A/Figc nationals Intermediaries

  • League A/non-nationals Intermediaries

  • League B/Figc nationals Intermediaries

  • League B/non-nationals Intermediaries

  • Lega Pro/Figc nationals Intermediaries

  • Lega Pro/non- nationals Intermediaries

* Japan (Japan Football Association)

Mexico (Federación Mexicana de Fútbol Asociación, A.C.)

Nigeria (Nigeria Football Federation)

* Norway (Norges Fotballforbund)

Portugal (Federação Portuguesa de Futebol)

* **Scotland (The Scottish Football Association)**

Serbia (Football Association of Serbia)

* Spain

Sweden (Svenska Fotbollförbundet)

USA (U.S. Soccer Federation)

FIFA does not guarantee the correctness and completeness of the information published by each one of these member associations. As a result the pertinent references and links are without prejudice whatsoever.