FIFA TMS has released a new report today providing an overview of the international transfers involving clubs from England, France, Germany, Italy and Spain during this year’s summer transfer window to date. The current window will close on 1 September 2014 for these “Big 5” football markets, with FIFA TMS set to release a detailed report shortly afterwards covering the entire summer transfer window period.

The latest report compares this summer’s transfer window figures with those of the last three years at the same stage. Highlights include:

• The total transfer fees spent by the Big 5 countries for the summer transfer window (as of 12 August 2014) is USD 1.36 billion, remaining at roughly the same level as last year (USD 1.35 billion).
• The average transfer fee per player of the Big 5 continues to grow (USD 12.1 million in 2014 from USD 10.1 million in 2013).
• English and Spanish clubs are driving the market so far, representing 73% of the total spending recorded by the Big 5 countries during this summer transfer window.
• Spanish clubs have multiplied their spending by more than 3.5 times compared to the same period last year (USD 491 million from USD 139 million in 2013).
• Transfer spending in France and Italy has significantly dropped year-on-year, by 64% on average for both countries.

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