FIFA TMS reports 11,552 transactions with a combined transfer compensation value of more than USD $2.5 bn.

FIFA Transfer Matching System GmbH (FIFA TMS) has today published, for the second consecutive year, data and analysis covering the international transfers of professional football players.

Global Transfer Market 2012 is a unique report that provides a global view of player transfers, covering six regions, over 200 countries and 5,600 professional clubs around the world. For the first time, it includes in-depth analysis of the 2012 international transfer market’s major elements, such as structures and mechanics, key characteristics and trends.

The English version will be available both as a free report (highlights) and as a fee-based premium product (full report) as of 16 April 2013 through the relaunched website of FIFA TMS.

With over 250 pages, the full report is the ultimate knowledge resource on the international transfer market featuring a detailed view of transfer streams between countries and regions, hierarchical models of the transfer market from spending and receiving perspectives as well as country-level statistics on salaries for the most active countries.
For example:

  • In 2012, FIFA TMS handled 11,552 transactions with a total value of international transfer-related club-to-club compensation value of USD $2.53bn, which is -10% compared to 2011.
  • The most active transfer stream between countries was from Portugal to Brazil, involving 145 player transfers.
  • The most represented nationality in the international transfer market is Brazilian.
  • The average age of players transferred internationally is 24 years & 10 months.
  • The average fixed annual salary of players moving into Italy amounts to USD $720,000, the highest average salary of the world’s six most active countries.
  • The total club intermediary compensation paid by English clubs on international transfers was USD $59m, the highest worldwide.

The report also provides case studies including interviews with leading football stakeholders and a full appendix with data featuring over 190 countries.

The information provided in Global Transfer Market 2012 will enable football’s stakeholders to develop a unique understanding of the market. Players, club decision-makers, association representatives, intermediaries and all other football stakeholders can now benchmark their activities in relation to the transfer market.
FIFA TMS also provides the free Global Transfer Market 2012: Highlights. This preview of the FIFA TMS annual review of the international transfer market includes highlights and entire subsections of the 2012 full report’s analysis and key indicators. Compared to the 2011 edition, the free version of the 2012 report is considerably larger in both volume and details, providing unique and compelling insight.
The premium product Global Transfer Market 2012 is available as a printed version in English (release 16 April), and in Spanish, French and German (release 18 April 2013).