After having received the complete files, the Chairman of FIFA’s Disciplinary Committee, by decisions notified on 23 October, decided to extend sanctions taken at national level by the Disciplinary Body of the Guatemala FA to have worldwide effect.

The Disciplinary Body of the Guatemala FA, after having conducted complete and extensive investigations, passed their decisions on 6 September 2012, which are now final and binding. Guillermo Ramirez Ortega, Yony Wilson Flores Monroy and Gustavo Adolfo Cabrera Marroquin have all been banned from taking part in any kind of football-related activity, for life.

This follows their involvement in match-fixing in the following three matches:
CONCACAF Champions League: CSD Municipal v. Santos. 19 October 2010
Guatemala v. Venezuela. 1 June 2011
Costa Rica v. Guatemala. 25 May 2012

FIFA’s decisions were taken following receipt of the case file, and are in accordance with article 136 of the FIFA Disciplinary Code.