The FIFA Emergency Committee decided yesterday, 11 May 2010, to suspend the Salvadoran Football Association (FESFUT) on account of government interference. This decision by FIFA is based on the fact that the statutes ratified by the FESFUT general assembly in August 2009 have not been formally entered in the country’s official register, and that the government has failed to acknowledge the authority of the Normalisation Committee set up to represent FESFUT.

Consequently, FIFA considered that it was not possible for FESFUT to organise the elective general assembly in line with the action plan that had been drawn up and has suspended FESFUT until the Salvadoran authorities formally accept the legitimacy of the Normalisation Committee installed by FIFA and sign the new statutes that were adopted by the FESFUT general assembly in August 2009.

If the Salvadoran authorities do not revise their position by noon (GMT) on 8 June 2010, the FIFA Executive Committee will be obliged to propose to the FIFA Congress that FESFUT be suspended. If the Congress upholds this proposal, it will not be possible to lift the suspension until the next FIFA Congress in June 2011.

Furthermore, during the period of suspension, FESFUT will not be able to be represented in any regional or international competitions. For example, the refereeing trio selected for the 2010 FIFA World Cup South Africa™ will not be able to participate in this competition if FESFUT remains suspended.

Despite the seriousness of this situation, the FIFA Executive Committee has expressed its full support for the FESFUT Normalisation Committee, the authority currently recognised by FIFA.