As the two conditions set by FIFA have been met, the FIFA Emergency Committee today 27 May 2010 lifted the suspension of the Salvadoran Football Association (FESFUT) with immediate effect.

Following the refusal of the Salvadoran authorities to recognise the legitimacy of the FESFUT Normalisation Committee put in place by FIFA and to subsequently register the new FESFUT statutes, the FIFA Emergency Committee had decided on 10 May 2010 to suspend FESFUT with immediate effect until the authorities formally accepted the legitimacy of the Normalisation Committee and registered the new FESFUT statutes.

On 17 May 2010, the Salvadoran Parliament issued a decree to amend the law in order for the authorities to comply with FIFA requests. On 20 May 2010, the FESFUT Normalisation Committee was thus formally recognised and the new statutes registered by the Ministerio de Gobernación (ministry of the interior).