The German Football Federation (DFB) have come out in favour of the "6+5" study conducted by a number of reputed constitutional lawyers which FIFA recently put forward and have taken the opportunity to give it their full support in the sports committee of the German Federal Parliament. "In our opinion, it would be highly commendable to have the 6+5 ruling implemented," said DFB General Secretary Wolfgang Niersbach. "It would represent progress not just for football but for all team sports."

The INEA (Institute for European Affairs) carried out a study at FIFA's behest which concluded that the number of players at a club who are not qualified to play for the national team of the corresponding country ought to be limited. Such a ruling would only represent "indirect discrimination" and would be justified in terms of the overall interest of national teams and to maintain the balance between the top clubs.

Blatter pleased
FIFA President Joseph S. Blatter has been fighting for a number of years now to have six players who qualify for the corresponding national team take the field at the start of a match.

"The report confirms that our defence of the 6+5 ruling would not impinge upon European law," said Blatter at a press conference at the end of February at the European Parliament in Brussels, during which the INEA published the results of their study. "On behalf of FIFA and its member associations, I am very pleased with this outcome. The 6+5 ruling is designed to support the training of young players, protect national teams and make sure that our competitions remain balanced and open."

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