FIFA has suspended the Peruvian football association (FPF) with immediate effect from 25 November, in accordance with article 14 of the FIFA Statutes and carrying the sanctions provided for in paragraph 3 of that article, namely: the suspension of all international sporting contact for its clubs, national teams, referees and officials.

At its meeting on 23 and 24 October, the FIFA Executive Committee decided to grant the Peruvian football association (FPF) until 21 November to confirm to FIFA and CONMEBOL that it had reinstated statutory order, in accordance with international sporting law and FIFA principles. The FPF failed to do so, however, despite the fact that the deadline was extended by two days to make up for local public holidays.

FIFA regrets that the Peruvian government sports authorities have not taken up any of the numerous invitations to dialogue that FIFA, CONMEBOL and the FPF have extended in good faith over more than two years in order to reach constructive solutions for Peruvian football.

FIFA wishes to make clear that the FPF will only be allowed to return to the fold of the world and South American football communities on the basis of negotiations with the President and the Board of the FPF who were elected in October 2007.

The suspension of the FPF will be discussed at the FIFA Executive Committee's next meeting, scheduled for 19 and 20 December in Tokyo, Japan.