The FIFA Technical Study Group (TSG) of the FIFA Futsal World Cup Brazil 2008 consists of five members: Jean-Paul Brigger (Switzerland, FIFA, TSG Director), Victor Hermans (Netherlands, Head of TSG), Vicente De Luise (Argentina), Javier Lozano (Spain) and Eduardo Valdez Basso "Morruga" (Brazil).

After analysing the 54 matches that have been played so far, the TSG has elected the 10 best players of the FIFA Futsal World Cup Brazil 2008. In alphabetical order these are:

Falcão (no. 12, Brazil)

Grana (no. 2, Italy)

Kike (no. 8, Spain)

Lenisio (no. 10, Brazil)

Mostafa Nazari (goalkeeper, no. 12, Iran)

Pula (no. 7, Russia)

Schumacher (no. 8, Brazil)

Vahid Shamsaee (no. 9, Iran)

Vladislav Shayakhmetov (no. 2, Russia)

Tiago (goalkeeper; no. 2, Brazil)

According to the tournament regulations, three of these players will be awarded the adidas Golden Ball, adidas Silver Ball and adidas Bronze Ball by the accredited members of the media for this tournament.

Each accredited member of the media is entitled to nominate their top three players from the above candidates: a first-place vote is worth five points, a second-place vote gives three points and a third-place vote gets one point.

All ballots must be submitted after the first period of the final match on 19 October 2008 at the Maracanazinho in Rio de Janeiro at the latest, and will be collected in the media centre as well as in the media tribune of the afore mentioned hall.

There will be a special voting form available at the media centre of the Maracanazinho hall as from 18 October to vote for the best player of the FIFA Futsal World Cup Brazil 2008.

Please note that it is the TSG that elects who gets the adidas Golden Glove award for the best goalkeeper of the tournament. It will be either Mostafa Nazari (Iran) or Tiago (Brazil). Both goalkeepers can, of course, be elected as best player of the tournament.

The names of all individual award winners will be announced after the final match on 19 October 2008.

Apart from the three best players and the best goalkeeper, FIFA will honour the three best goalscorers (adidas Golden Shoe, adidas Silver Shoe, adidas Bronze Shoe) and the winner of the Fairplay award.