FIFA futsal development programmes

FIFA's Futsal Development Programmes

FIFA has developed five core programmes to help member associations overcome the challenges they face to promote and structure futsal in their territories. The long-term objective is to ensure that futsal is sustainable as a football discipline and player development tool for both men and women.

FIFA’s futsal development programmes provide member associations with the access to expertise, teaching and promotional materials, futsal equipment and financial assistance, so that everyone who wants to play, referee or coach futsal has the chance to do so, whether recreationally or in organised leagues.

FIFA’s five main futsal development programmes comprise:

*1. Consultancy *
Member associations interested in officially launching futsal within their territory or in reviewing their current activities can apply for different types of consultancy support. An expert visit may be arranged for an assessment of the current situation and to help, where necessary, with the creation of the association’s four-year futsal development plan. In addition to expertise, member associations can also benefit from sports equipment (in particular futsal balls) and teaching material.

*2. Education *
FIFA’s education courses for futsal coaches and referees aim at supporting and complementing the initiatives of confederations and member associations. The courses usually last five days and include both theoretical and practical sessions. FIFA appoints an instructor to conduct the course and to help develop an education strategy for the member association.

*3. Grassroots *
Boys and girls aged 6-12 are the focus of the FIFA Grassroots Programme, which encourages kids to play football through school, community and club initiatives. Considering the popularity of futsal and the increasing demand among its member associations, FIFA now offers grassroots programmes with a particular focus on the characteristics of futsal. Typically, a FIFA Grassroots project is composed of a training programme for male and female coach-educators and a festival for boys and girls. The training, led by experienced FIFA instructors, aims to introduce coach-educators to the methodology of teaching young people and provide them with basic knowledge on the particular characteristics and benefits of futsal. The festival should offer an opportunity for as many children as possible to discover and enjoy futsal through fun practice sessions and small games.

*4. Competitions *
The development of futsal competitions and leagues for both men and women around the world is still in its formative stage, and FIFA recognises the challenges that this creates for the further development of the game. To increase the number of futsal leagues at various levels, FIFA offers expert and tailor-made assistance on how to structure and format competitions.

*5. Legacy *
The FIFA Futsal World Cup is a valuable opportunity to sow the seeds of futsal development in the host country. The legacy programme may feature a vast array of different projects, which should be discussed and developed in close cooperation between the host association’s leadership, the Local Organising Committee (LOC) and FIFA. Each member association and LOC shall appoint a person to be responsible for the legacy programme and to work in tandem with the relevant FIFA counterpart.