Women's football reaching goals in Venezuela

  • On 4 October, the fully renovated Women’s Football Centre in San Felipe was officially inaugurated turning the Venezuela football Federation (FVF) into a leading example in the region

  • It is the first female-only technical training centre in South America

  • The facility includes a FIFA Quality Pro Synthetic Grass Field

  • 13 months were necessary in total to complete the football infrastructure

The Venezuela Football Federation (FVF) with the support of the FIFA Forward development programme, in line with the MA long-term strategy, decided to focus on the development of women’s football to increase the tremendous potential it can bring in Latin America. Through the Yara Women’s Technical Centre project, the objective is to improve all available infrastructure in a sustainable way and to provide the facilities with the latest and most innovative technologies.

The pitch and bleachers were completely refurbished and refreshed in order to host future international and domestic competitions and enable the players to train in the best possible conditions. The renovated centre will be exclusively dedicated to women’s football. With this new state-of-the-art football centre, the FVF and FIFA are paving the way for current and future generations of female players to reach their full potential in the South American country.

Taking advantage of the presence of a delegation of FIFA representatives, the FVF organised an exhibition Cup between the national teams of Venezuela and Paraguay. The inaugural match took place on Friday 4 October with a final result of 1-1. Three additional matches were played in the frame of this Cup, having Venezuela win all three of them and keeping the trophy at home.

The main building holds a central gallery with a capacity of 733 people, including VIP and media zones. Two meeting rooms and three administrative offices were also added for future gatherings and meetings as well as a souvenir shop, an office for ticket sales to increase opportunities for income generation activities.

In addition, two changing rooms which integrate a massage room and cryotherapy tubs were built to provide the best medical treatments and focus on the athletes’ physical conditions and health. Moreover, to operate anti-doping tests during the competitions, a modern anti-doping room will allow medical staff to successfully accomplish this important task. Alongside those, bleachers with a capacity of 390 people and facilities accessible for all are also key areas of this great football infrastructure. Furthermore, an auxiliary building with kitchen, dining room and cafeteria area is available to organise events and dinners.

Laureano González, President of the FVF

“Today our national football dreams are being fulfilled. Thanks to the support of the FIFA Forward development programme, we are now able to organise high-level matches and we must ensure we maintain this new facility in top conditions” ... “We have developed players and it is clear that women's football is growing at the South American and world level. The Women´s Football Technical Centre will allow our teams to be better prepared for the upcoming competitions. It will certainly help the development of our teams and boost women's football in the country."

Deyna Castellanos, National Team Player, Club: Florida State University

“This new training centre will have a great impact on the development of women's football in Venezuela, both for our national teams and clubs. It is important to have our own space for women's football where we can train and feel comfortable.”

Milagros Mendoza, National Team Player, Club: Yaracuyanos FC

"To see this new training centre being inaugurated makes our wishes come true, especially as a player from the region. I always think about the previous field, how it used to look like, and I have a hard time believing what I’m witnessing today. Without a doubt this facility inspires us to continue working hard and try to progress with our national teams. As a Yaracuyana player, I feel very proud to have such a state-of-the-art field now."

Andreina Peláez, Chief of FVF Women's Football Division

"Being able to count on this state of the art facility in Venezuela will allow our women's national teams to train and prepare more comfortably for all the upcoming international commitments and proudly represent the colours of Venezuela. In addition to National Teams training camps, we are planning to host different regional and national competitions that will undoubtedly enhance the development of women’s football in Venezuela.”