FIFA eWorld Cup 2019™

FIFA eWorld Cup 2019™

FIFA eWorld Cup

Six legends of the FIFA eWorld Cup

Two-time FIFA Interactive World Cup Champion Bruce Grannec from France.
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  • FIFA eWorld Cup 2019 takes place on 2-4 August. Tickets via
  • Six FIFA eWorld Cup legends in the spotlight
  • Two won it as 18-year-olds, another pair have won competition twice

Fourteen FIFA eWorld Cup™ tournaments have borne some revered figures. Ahead of the 15th edition of the tournament, spotlights six celebrated former winners.

Thiago Carrico de Azevedo

Champion: 2004
Venue: Zurich
Age at time: 21

8,000 attempted to reach the Grand Final of the maiden FIFA eWorld Cup. Eight made it. Thiago, who “wanted to play as Brazil but changed to France because Thierry Henry was so good,” advanced from his group despite seizing just four points from a possible nine. An Henry hat-trick then powered the student to a 3-2 victory over the tournament favourite in the semi-finals, before an Henry header helped him to a 2-1 reverse of friend and practice partner Matija Biljeskovic in the Final Showdown.

Alfonso Ramos

Champion: 2008 & 2012
Venues: Berlin & Dubai
Ages at time: 19 & 23

The Spaniard, playing as Barcelona, scored for fun to conquer the 32-competitor Grand Final in 2008. Four years later, in a tournament 1.3 million had set out to win, Ramos outlasted fellow legend Bruce Grannec on penalties to become the FIFA eWorld Cup’s first two-time champion.

Bruce Grannec

Champion: 2009 & 2013
Venue: Barcelona & Madrid
Ages at time: 22 & 26

Despite the pain of an injured ankle from playing football, the Frenchman was the unexpected conqueror in 2009, beating Mexican Ruben Morales Zerecero 3-1 in the Final Showdown. Grannec lost on penalties to Ramos, following a 0-0 draw, in the 2012 decider in the United Arab Emirates. However, in 2013, Grannec once again beat a Mexican opponent in the Final Showdown – this time Ruben Morales Zerecero – to become just the second person to win two global titles. Arguably the greatest defensive player the game has ever seen, Grannec is the only man to have appeared in three Final Showdowns.

August 'Agge' Rosenmeier

Champion: 2014
Venues: Rio de Janeiro
Age at times: 18

The Dane bamboozled opponents with his intricate passing moves and, despite falling behind England's David Bytheway in the final, rallied to win 3-1. ‘Agge’ has made it to six Grand Finals – a total bettered only by Ramos (seven).

Spencer 'Gorilla' Ealing

Champion: 2017
Venue: London
Age at time: 20

The FIFA eWorld Cup had, curiously, never been won by Germany – arguably the game’s biggest force – but that was expected to change after three Germans made the semi-finals. Four of England’s five representatives crashed out on day one, but the sole survivor, with his exhilarating attacking play, went all the way, thrashing Kai ‘Deto’ Wollin 7-3 in the final to give his country their second crown on home soil.

Mosaad 'MsDossary' Aldossary

Champion: 2018
Venue: England
Age at time: 18

It was expected to be the most competitive FIFA eWorld Cup ever, but 'MsDossary' surfed to glory with a 4-0 aggregate defeat of Stefano Pinna in the Final Showdown. Brazilian legend Ronaldo bagged a brace for the Saudi Arabian, whose Belgian opponent said: “His defence is amazing. He doesn’t let you play.”

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