FIFA Interactive World Cup 2009

FIFA Interactive World Cup 2009

FIFA Interactive World Cup 2009

How to Enter? - How to Play?

FIFA Interactive World Cup 2009
Fancy being the world's number one? Think you have the nerve, stamina and ability to cut it against the world's best virtual footballers? To claim the prestigious world title, you must demonstrate advanced skills, applied technical aptitude and concise ball control. But even if you are just a football fan intrigued by the fascination of virtual gaming, we look forward to welcoming you as a contestant.

The EA Sports FIFA 09 game will be available on the Sony PlayStation®3 to deliver the next generation of football gaming right to your fingertips! You can now take your EA game 'ball' onto the Playstation3 'pitch' and get started with your FIFA Interactive World Cup training!

There are two routes to qualify for the FIFA Interactive World Cup Grand Final: via Online Qualification on the PlayStation®Network or by participating in one of the Live Qualifier Events across the globe.

Online Qualification
If you're unable to attend one of the Live Qualifier Events, then Online Qualification on the PS Network is the place for you.

How to Register?

To take part in the FIWC 09 Online Qualification, you need to create an EA Online Account. If you had played EA Sports FIFA 08 online, you will already have set up your EA Online Account. If this applies to you, please follow the steps under the heading ‘Registered EA Online Account Holders'. If you hadn't played FIFA 08 online and have not already set up your EA Online Account, please follow the steps below.

  • Go to the Main Menu inthe EA Sports FIFA 09game and select ‘Sign In to EA'.
  • Accept the Terms & Conditions.
  • Read the Information Sharing screen and submit in order to continue.
  • In the EA Online Account Creation screen fill in the details and submit.
  • You are now registered with EA online. You will need to now follow the FIWC 09 ingame registration process below.

    Registered EA Online Account Holders:

  • From the Main Menu select Online Game Modes.

  • Select FIFA Interactive World Cup from the menu.
  • You are presented with a registration screen where you can enter your name and e-mail address.
  • Please fill in info and submit.
  • You are presented with a confirmation screen.
  • Please advance to select Confederation/Nationality.
  • You then end up in the FIFA Interactive World Cup hub.  From here on, every time you access this mode this is the screen you will default to (since you are already registered).
  • From here you have the option to play online qualification matches for the FIFA Interactive World Cup tournament, practice offline, see FIFA Interactive World Cup online leaderboards or go to FIFA Interactive World Cup lobby rooms.

    How does it work?Once registered, every single FIFA 09 game a player plays on the PlayStation®Network against anybody in the world will count for the overall Confederation standings. Should they be of German nationality, for example, they will fall under the European Confederation leader-board. These standings will be updated and published on on a weekly basis so players can always keep track of where they are currently ranked!
    * Live Qualifier Events *Apart from the Online Qualification modus, we're also running spectacular tournaments in numerous countries around the world and whatever your ability, everyone gets his/her chance! Here, you will be able to play shoulder-to-shoulder against your opponents, make a run to become National Champion and secure one of the 32 prestigious slots at the Grand Final next spring, representing your own country!

    Note that you cannot pre-register for these tournaments so make sure to keep checking in for the latest updates on Qualifier Venues near you! You can then just sign up at the event on the day for what promises to be the ultimate football gaming experience.

    Each National Champion will then be whisked away with a friend, parent or guardian to the FIFA Interactive World Cup 2009 Grand Final.

    Defeat in the early stages, however, does not mean that you have to go home immediately as there's plenty more to keep you entertained at these events: From watching the remaining competitors battle it out to exploring the latest game trials on the next generation PlayStation hardware, meeting professional football stars or just enjoying the live music with your friends and family.