FIFA eWorld Cup 2019™

FIFA eWorld Cup 2019™

FIFA eWorld Cup

'FUTWIZ Marko’: Australia's new eFootball star

Marcus 'Marcus Gomes' Gomes of Australia and Mark 'Marko' Brijeski of Australia in action
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  • Australian champion and FIFA eNations Cup™ participant
  • Appearances at plenty of events enough to get him inside the top 16 of the rankings
  • Profile of 'FUTWIZ Marko’ ahead of the play-offs

New Aussie legend

At the FIFA 19 Global Series, Marko really made a name for himself on the Australian scene, playing both with and against the most famous of all Aussie eFootballers, 'MarcusGomes'. The two came through tough competition in the qualifying phase to each secure a berth in the Australian eFootball team at the FIFA eNations Cup. They then proved their worth alongside one another at the inaugural FIFA eNations Cup 2019, representing Australia at the tournament in London before going toe to toe in a heated battle for the domestic title once they were back on home soil. 'FUTWIZ Marko’ ended up getting the better of his more storied opponent to win his maiden Australian eFootball League championship. He had already showed good form in recent years, but this season was when he made the real breakthrough down under, establishing himself as one of the top players in the country.

Global tournament experience

His success has gone beyond Australian shores however, with appearances at four FUT Champions Cups over the course of the past season, finishing each and every one of them in ninth place. Amazingly, he has managed to qualify for all of the FUT Champions Cups in 2019, having failed to do so at any of them during the previous calendar year. He also managed to parlay his good run of form into an appearance at two Gfinity FIFA Series in 2019, as well as making it through to the eChampions League group stage.

It was in the second half of the season therefore that 'FUTWIZ Marko’ really came into his own, and with 2,056 Global Series points to his name, he will have plenty of confidence as he heads into the play-offs. A first ever FIFA eWorld Cup™ appearance is within touching distance for the Aussie, who currently sits 16th in the rankings which would guarantee him qualification.

A total of four Australians are taking part in the play-offs, but it is 'FUTWIZ Marko’ and 'MarcusGomes’ who seem to have the best chances of qualifying for the FIFA eWorld Cup 2019, the former having joined the latter among the elite eFootball pros throughout the course of this past season.

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