FIFA Interactive World Cup 2012

FIFA Interactive World Cup 2012

FIFA Interactive World Cup 2012

Four champions to visit Vancouver


Next month, FIFA and EA SPORTS will by flying four FIFA Interactive World Cup champions to Vancouver, where they will have the exclusive privilege of testing EA SPORTS™ FIFA 13 before the game’s official public release later this year.

The four champions will also have the opportunity to tour the EA SPORTS headquarters and talk to the game developers during their visit to the beautiful city on Canada’s west coast. EA SPORTS headquarters is always an exciting place to visit, just ask Adam Winster! The former FIWC UK champion visited the home of the EA SPORTS earlier this year. Read about Adam's big day at EA.

Current champion Alfonso Ramos (2008, 2012) will join former FIWC winners Francisco Cruz (2011), Nenad Stojkovic (2010) and Bruce Grannec (2009) for the visit to Vancouver and a first glimpse of EA SPORTS™ FIFA 13.

Tournament of champions
“It is always exciting to see how good you are with the new game,” says 2011 champion Francisco Cruz. “The flank attacks in FIFA 11, for example, fit perfectly to my style of play and that was definitely one reason why I was able to win the title. I’m excited to see who will be a nose ahead of the rest this year.”

When the best FIWC players are in the same room it’s only a matter of time before they go head to head on the virtual pitch. Visitors to can expect coverage of the four FIWC veterans participating in an informal mini-tournament to see who has the early lead on mastering FIFA 13!

Meeting the makers
In addition to testing the highly anticipated game, the champions will also spend some time in Vancouver with the FIFA 13 developers. Two-time champion Alfonso Ramos is especially looking forward to the opportunity. “Over the course of one season you spend so much unbelievably intensive time with a game and get to know all its tricks. Being able to sit down and talk with the people who created that game will be an indescribable feeling,” says Ramos.

Jamie McKinlay, EA Sports Senior Global Marketing Director, is also looking forward to the champions’ visit. “It is going to be wonderful having four FIWC champions here at the same time. It will also be quite exciting for our developers to see how these ultimate experts handle the new features,” he said.

Follow the champions
Over the next few weeks we will reveal more details about the champions trip to Vancouver and provide fans with information on how they can follow and enjoy all the highlights from the trip of champions. Be sure to follow @FIWC on Twitter to receive the latest updates about all things FIWC.

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