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eFootball in January

  • Germans dominate in January
  • New leader in PlayStation rankings
  • takes a look at the rankings after January’s events

Events and champions in January:

The best players in the FIFA 19 Global Series Rankings:

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After clinching the title at the Gfinity FIFA Series in January, 'Nicolas99fc' leapt to first place in the PlayStation rankings, nudging 'Joksan--' off top spot for the first time. Runner-up Stefano Pinna climbed to third place, while 2014 world champion 'Agge' secured sixth place.

Despite failing to win the latest FUT Champions Cup tournament, 'F2Tekkz' delivered a strong performance to extend his lead at the top of the rankings. Meanwhile a surprise victory for 'DullenMike' at the same event moved him up to third place, just behind reigning world champion 'Msdossary'.

Best represented countries in the FIFA 19 Global Series Rankings:

Three Germans appear in the top ten on each platform. 'DullenMike' and 'hasoo' joined consistent performers such as 'MoAuba' and 'MegaBit' in the top ten after their surprise successes at the FUT Champions Cup January, making Germany the most represented country in the rankings. There are also two Brazilians, two Americans and two Frenchmen in the top ten on both platforms.

Best teams in the FIFA 19 Global Series Rankings:

Several teams currently have two players in the PlayStation and/or Xbox rankings, with Werder Bremen, AFC Ajax, Rogue and Basel all achieving this feat after impressive performances in January. The City Group also have two players in the top ten from Melbourne City and New York City FC.

The month in numbers

1 - 'DullenMike' secured a maiden international FIFA victory for the strong German scene*
* – Two former or reigning world champions are in the top ten. 'Msdossary' and 'Agge' are still on track to reach their next Grand Final
3 – A player other than 'F2Tekkz' and 'Msdossary' won a FUT Champions Cup event for the first time as 'DullenMike' became the third winner of the series*
* – A total of six German players – three on each platform – feature in the top ten of the FIFA 19 Global Series Rankings
16 – With his victory in the FUT Champions Cup January, 16-year-old 'DullenMike' replaced 'F2Tekkz' as the competition’s youngest winner
4220 - 'F2Tekkz' extended his lead at the top of the rankings and now boasts an impressive 4220 points

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