FIFA eWorld Cup 2020™

FIFA eWorld Cup 2020™

FIFA Online 4

EA and FIFA announce new FIFA Online 4 Series, creating new pathway for eSports players and fans across Asia

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FIFA and Electronic Arts have announced today the EA SPORTS™ FIFA Online 4 Series (Road to FIFA eContinental Cup™) is a brand new iteration of the competitive FIFA Online 4 ecosystem, dedicated solely to the FIFA Online 4 free-to-play multiplayer online game developed by EA Korea studio and serviced by (NEXON, Garena, Tencent).

The new path to glory for FIFA Online 4 players is built in collaboration with Fédération Internationale de Football Association (FIFA) and spans ten months, seven countries and is comprised of four international events, both established and new, as well as domestic qualifiers.

The robust international competitive structure featuring thousands of players will culminate in a brand new Grand Final event that is the pinnacle of competitive achievement for any FIFA Online 4 player - the FIFA eContinental Cup.

With the goal of making more players into stars, the ecosystem expansion will now give more than double the number of teams (52), and players (156) a shot at international exposure and fame year-over-year.

Competitive Structure

EA and FIFA have established a standalone competitive gaming structure for FIFA Online 4, with two new events hosted by FIFA: The FIFA Champions Cup in April 2020 and the FIFA eContinental Cup, the pinnacle event of the EA SPORTS FIFA Online 4 Series ecosystem. With a new final event and an expanded offering of qualifier events, the new competitive season will offer more opportunities in more locations to all FIFA Online 4 players aiming for the top.

Title Host country Schedule
EA Champions Cup Winter 2019 Korea December 2019
FIFA Champions Cup Spring 2020 Thailand April 2020
EA Champions Cup Summer 2020 China July 2020
FIFA eContinental Cup TBD September 2020

The new FIFA Online 4 competitive season will open with the EA Champions Cup Winter in Korea this December. Twelve teams from 7 countries will take the stage, attempting to secure a top leaderboard position early in the season.

In April 2020, the FIFA Champions Cup will take place at Garena World, in Bangkok, Thailand. The first-ever FIFA esports event organized by FIFA in Asia will become part of the Road to the FIFA eContinental Cup 2020 and will provide the same level of competition, rewards and excitement as previous EACC events.

Leading up to the end of the 2020 season, the EA Champions Cup Summer 2020 will be the last chance for teams to collect ranking points and secure their qualification into the FIFA eContinental Cup.

And finally, the culmination of the new FIFA Online 4 Series competitive season, the FIFA eContinental Cup will host 16 of the best teams in Asia, including top representatives from each of the participating regions, as well as the best teams dominating the team-based Ranking Points leaderboard.

“The world’s esport for the world’s game, the FIFA Online 4 Series will help make stars of all our players throughout Asia as we continue to grow," said Daniel Choi, FIFA Online 4 Competitive Gaming Commissioner. “Through our collaboration with FIFA, we’re eager to see fans across the continent passionately engage with the competition as both a player and a spectator.”

Adrian Roelli, who is leading FIFA’s eSports program, said: "This is a hugely exciting step for FIFA as we start to take an active role in hosting FIFA Online 4 events that are tailored for the Asian territory, home to some of the most engaged gaming fans and communities in the world.“

Ranking points

Teams participating in the FIFA Online 4 Series will collect Ranking Points, based on their placement in any of the official qualifying events.

Team ranking points:

1st 2nd 3-4 5-8 9-12
120 70 40 20 10

Ranking Points will be used to rank and qualify teams for the 16 slots of the FIFA eContinental Cup 2020.

"Local heroes will emerge within the new ecosystem and will make the competitive FIFA scene a truly global eSport. As well as driving huge excitement among stakeholders and increasing content consumption and participation, these new competitions will further enhance and develop the football culture in Asia and build the bridge between real and virtual football," concluded Roelli.

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