FIFA Interactive World Cup 2005

FIFA Interactive World Cup 2005

FIFA Interactive World Cup 2005

Chris Bullard: Pride of England caught up with Chris Bullard, the FIFA Interactive World Player 2005 shortly after his victory in London.  Read on for an interview with the globe's top gamer! Chris, many congratulations! How does it feel to not only be the FIFA Interactive World Player 2005 and the first English winner? Chris Bullard: I'm absolutely amazed, stunned and delighted!  I'm really lost for words!  It's been an amazing day and I'm so happy!

Did you take any inspiration from real life football?
I play as goalkeeper for my local Sunday League side - and my 'keeping helped me a lot today!  When I play for real I always play with a positive attitude and I competed with the same mentality.

Tell me a little about your route to the title?
I entered via Xbox Live and I won the UK tournament.  I really enjoyed that competition as I got to play against lots of new people - some of which I met in London.  I thought that it was just great to come here, but here I am leaving with the title!  I can't believe it!

What were your tactics today?
I played a 5:2:1:2 formation.  That gave me the ability to cover on the wings and still attack down the middle.  Players like Rooney are absolutely devastating on this game and this approach gave him the platform to perform.

How do you think you performed in the final?
It was my best game of the day.  A silly error left me with 10 men but I tried not to think about it too much and just continue to attack.  Rooney put away a hat-trick so I've got a lot to thank him for!

Why do you play as England?
They've got such a great team and it's always good to play and win as your own country's team.

What's so special about playing football virtually?
I've always liked computer games and I love football.  FIFA games are just amazing - the graphics and gameplay are superb.

Back to the real game - who are your inspirations?As a goalkeeper, I really rate Peter Cech - his saves are great.  However, my favourite player is Lampard - he's the man!

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