FIFA Interactive World Cup 2005

FIFA Interactive World Cup 2005

FIFA Interactive World Cup 2005

Attacking attitude serves Javier Devis Lara

Spanish contender Javier Devis Lara claimed victory in Paris. Read on to discover his thoughts on the competition so far and about reaching the final. Javier, firstly, well done! How does it feel to be the winner of the final regional tournament?Javier Devis Lara: Brilliant, absolutely brilliant! I'm so proud to be able to represent my country at the Grand Final!

How did your road to glory begin?I started playing football computer games about ten years ago and I started playing the FIFA games when they first came out - so I've had a lot of practice!  I started on Xbox back in 2003 and now I play for about an hour a day.

How did you prepare yourself for today?Gaming with my friends has been a great way to prepare, we share hints and tips and it's a lot of fun.

How do you think you performed on the whole?I think I was pretty calm which was a big help.  I think a lot of my opponents didn't think I could beat them which gave me a big boost.  I just went out and played my own game.

How would describe your style out there?Give it everything!  Attack, attack and attack again!

You played as Brazil throughout the tournament - why?They are the best team!  Their attack is so deadly but they have a great defence and a solid keeper.

For you, what's so special about playing football like this?It's a great challenge - you challenge your reflexes and your mind.  To me, this is more of a demand than when playing real football.  Plus it's so realistic - it's almost like being there.

Away from gaming, which team do you support?Valencia - they are so good technically.  I really enjoy watching them play.  For me though, Ronaldinho is the best player - he is so unpredictable.  I try to play like him when I play on the pitch and when gaming!

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