As expected, there have been very few changes to the first edition of the FIFA/Coca-Cola World Ranking in 2014, with football having come to a halt in many places over the New Year period.

Only 18 friendlies have been included since December’s edition, five of which took place in 2013, with the remaining 13 in the first half of January 2014.

There was no movement whatsoever in the top 25, with Spain still holding a comfortable lead over Germany and Argentina.

Saudi Arabia (73rd, up 14) and Egypt (31st, up 10) have made the biggest climbs, both benefiting from the devaluation of older matches. Five other teams have managed to move up at least five places: South Africa (54th, up 8), United Arab Emirates (63rd, up 8), Belize (152nd, up 7), Oman (79th, up 6) and Mali (40th, up 5).

More movement is to be expected in the February edition of the FIFA Ranking, which will take into account all the results from the 16-team CAF African Nations Championship, which is underway in South Africa. The tournament is exclusive to players based in their home countries.

The next FIFA/Coca-Cola World Ranking will be published on 13 February 2014.



Spain (unchanged)

Moves into top ten


Moves out of top ten


Matches played in total

18 (5 of which were in 2013)

Most matches played

Jordan, Qatar, Kuwait, Bahrain (4 matches each)

Biggest move by points

Saudi Arabia (up 96 points)

Biggest move by ranks

Saudi Arabia (up 14 ranks)

Biggest drop by points

Gabon, Jordan (down 32 points each)

Biggest drop by ranks

Gabon (down 8 ranks)