The FIFA/Coca-Cola World Ranking enters the interactive age this week, and it’s all thanks to’s newly updated navigation tool, a practical application that clarifies the points system and makes it easier for users to make projections and calculations.

The all-important monthly Ranking has been in existence since 1993, and users are now just a click away from getting hands-on with the constantly changing table.

To get a better understanding of this new way of viewing the Ranking, simply click on the dedicated link at the top of the homepage. As you will see for yourselves, there is a whole new layout showing the world football pecking order and a host of useful sub-sections. As well as explaining in detail how each team has won or lost points, the page also shows their points totals for the previous month, how many points will be discounted from their tallies and their points averages over the previous four years, the idea being to make the Ranking much more transparent.

Using the special prediction tool, you can also forecast the results of upcoming matches and see how they affect the points totals of the teams involved. These calculations take into account the result, the importance of the match, the strength of the opponents and regional strength, the criteria on which the FIFA/Coca-Cola World Ranking is based and which are now clearly detailed as a result of the revamp.

The all-new interactive Ranking also allows you to compare the performances of a maximum of four teams over a period of months or even years, find out the highest and lowest positions of teams in a period of your choice, and check out the best and worst movers of the last few months.

Among the existing features that have been enhanced, you can also break the Ranking down into confederations to see how your national team is faring against their regional rivals, find out when the next Ranking will be published, read weekly reports by the team, and send messages and questions to your fellow users.

As you will find out for yourself, the choice is yours at the new FIFA/Coca-Cola World Ranking page.