Ticket Resale

Purchasers of official match tickets for the FIFA Arab Cup Qatar 2021™ (ticket main applicants) may submit their tickets for resale on the FIFA official Ticket Resale Platform available at FIFA.com/tickets. In parallel, members of the general public may purchase such tickets on the same resale platform.

The Ticket Resale Platform can be used to submit tickets that have been purchased:

The original ticket purchaser may submit any number of tickets to the resale platform intended for guests whilst retaining tickets for their own use. If the original ticket purchaser wishes to submit their own ticket to the resale platform, they must submit all other tickets purchased by them for the same match. Guests are not permitted to attend any matches without the original ticket purchaser. If not all of tickets are successfully resold on the resale platform, the original ticket purchaser may still attend the given match.

FIFA Ticketing makes no guarantee that any ticket submitted to the resale platform will be successfully resold and, therefore, accepts no liability for any costs or expenses incurred by an original ticket purchaser resulting from their ticket not being successfully resold on the resale platform. A ticket may be withdrawn from the resale platform at any time prior to the ticket having been resold and FIFA Ticketing having issued a resale notification to the original ticket purchaser. Tickets withdrawn from the resale platform will be available to the original ticket purchaser only in the same ticket format as it was originally purchased.

Accessibility Tickets are not available for sale on the resale platform. Any individual interested in purchasing an accessibility ticket should visit FIFA.com/tickets for further information on the availability of such tickets. If an original ticket purchaser of an Accessibility Ticket wishes to submit the Accessibility Ticket for resale, they must contact FIFA Ticketing by email at FAC2021.enquiries@tickets.fifa.org or by visiting the FIFA Venue Ticketing Centre located at the Doha Exhibition Center, Lusail Expy, Westbay, Doha, next to Al Qassar metro station.

Resale Window

The Resale Platform will be open from 16 November until the end of the competition on 18 December. For a given match, the resale and purchase of tickets will be possible until kick-off time. The resale window may include dates and times on which tickets are available for purchase from FIFA Ticketing during other official ticket sales phases.

Resale Fee A resale fee will be charged to both the original ticket purchaser and the resale ticket purchaser in respect of each ticket that is sold on the resale platform. The resale fee shall equal the greater of either two Qatari Riyals (2 QAR) or five percent (5%) of the ticket face value paid by the original ticket purchaser and the resale ticket purchaser, respectively. In respect of the original ticket purchaser, the resale fee will be charged by way of a reduction of the corresponding refund. In respect of the resale ticket purchaser, the resale fee will represent a separate, additional charge due at the time of purchase of the ticket. Refund Process If a ticket is successfully resold on the Resale Platform in accordance with Ticket Terms of Sale, FIFA Ticketing will process a refund to the original ticket purchaser of the prescribed amount less the resale fee within thirty (30) working days following the end of the resale window and otherwise in accordance with the Online Ticket Terms of Sale for General Public. The resale or attempted resale of tickets by any other means is strictly prohibited.

To submit tickets for resale:

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To purchase tickets from the resale platform:

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