Ticket Distribution

Ticket issuance for all online purchases: All tickets purchased online on FIFA.com/tickets during the Random Selection Draw sales period, the First Come First Served Sales Phase and the Last-Minute Sales Phase will be issued as mobile tickets. Please note that if you are a holder of tickets for several matches at the FIFA Arab Cup Qatar 2021™, tickets may be delivered to you at different times. On the day of the match, you will have to present your mobile ticket, your Hay’ya Card (Fan ID) and your status on Ehteraz App to access the stadium. How do mobile tickets work? All successful ticket applicants who have purchased tickets online at FIFA.com/tickets during sales phases 1 and 2 will have their tickets delivered as mobile tickets. As of 16 November, the FIFA Arab Cup 2021™ mobile ticketing application will be available for download in the Apple Store and Google Play Store under "FIFA Arab Cup 2021™ Tickets". The mobile ticketing application is free to download.

Any other mobile operating systems are not supported FIFA will notify you as soon as your mobile ticket(s) are ready to be delivered to you, with all related information. If you have an incompatible phone, please contact our Customer Support by phoning +97441442022 for Qatari residents +41565512022 for international customers. From 9 November 2021 you may also visit the FIFA Venue Ticketing Centre located at the Doha Exhibition Center, Lusail Expy, Westbay, Doha, next to Al Qassar metro station. If you have purchased tickets online at, you will receive all mobile tickets (including those intended for your guest(s)) on your FIFA Arab Cup 2021 mobile ticketing application. It is your responsibility to ensure that your guests can access tickets assigned to them on their own such application. Check out our FAQs for the most relevant information concerning Ticket Fulfilment.

The "Send ticket" and “Change guest” functions in your FIFA Arab Cup 2021 mobile ticketing application enable you to assign mobile tickets to your guest(s).

The "Change guest" function allows a ticket applicant to change the details of a guest or reassign the ticket to another guest.

The ticket applicant may either keep a guest’s ticket on their mobile ticketing application or click on "Send ticket" to send the ticket to the aforementioned application of their assigned guest. In order to do so, the ticket applicant must know the email address that their guest used when registering for their application.

What if one of your guests is no longer able to attend a match? If a guest's ticket is still on your mobile ticketing application, simply change the ticket holder details manually. If you have already sent the ticket to a guest who is no longer attending the match, they will have to return the tickets to you before you are able to assign the ticket to a new guest. During the last-minute sales phase, all tickets purchased over the counter at the FIFA Venue Ticketing Centre will be delivered in person as paper tickets immediately on receipt of payment. Please take care of your paper tickets. FIFA Ticketing will not replace lost, stolen or damaged tickets. Ticket issuance for over the counter sales: Whether you have purchased Individual Match Tickets or Accessibility Tickets, all over the counter ticket sales at the FIFA Venue Ticketing Centre during the Last-Minute Sales Phase will be issued as paper tickets. Access to the stadium will only be granted upon presentation of a valid ticket (mobile or paper version), a Hay’ya Card (Fan ID), and a valid status on the EHTERAZ app.

Apply now for your Hay’ya Card (Fan ID)! Obtaining a Hay’ya Card (Fan ID) is a mandatory requirement for all fans attending FIFA Arab Cup 2021 matches.

If you have any other questions concerning ticket delivery matters, please take a look at our FAQs.