Competition Safeguarding - Report a concern

How to report a concern at India 2022

FIFA provides different avenues for reporting safeguarding concerns.

Report to local authorities

FIFA takes a zero-tolerance approach to maltreatment, harassment, abuse neglect and/or exploitation and all issues raised will be handled in line with our statutory rules, codes of conduct and internal guidelines. Any suspected urgent and/or criminal activity requiring immediate attention shall be reported directly to the Local Authorities in first instance for investigation. Once the local authorities have been informed we ask you to report to the FIFA Senior Event Safeguarding Manager (see contact details below) to ensure immediate action related to the competition.

  • 112 for a General Emergency

  • 1098 for the Child Helpline

  • 1091 for the Women’s helpline

Report to FIFA

During the competition

For reporting or consultation on non-urgent concerns or when in doubt as to whether a concern is urgent, you can contact the Safeguarding Team by

  • calling the 24/7 local mobile line that will be made available during the month of October

  • sending an email to

The members of the Safeguarding team speak several languages. However, you can request to have a translator or, if you are a member of a Team Delegation, you can seek the help of your Team Liaison Officer (TLO).

"Always on" reporting

FIFA provides a confidential, dedicated, highly secure and web-based whistleblowing system so that individuals can report any safeguarding concern. Users can attach supporting documentation and create an anonymous postbox that allows them to correspond with FIFA without submitting personal information. Fill out this form:

Additionally, you can also use the FIFA generic online confidential reporting system (select the category “Violation of the FIFA Code of Ethics” and then the subject “Protection of physical and mental integrity”).

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