World Cup winner Youri Djorkaeff visits rebuilt facilities in Peru

  • FIFA Foundation CEO visits rebuilt training facilities in Chiclayo and Trujillo

  • Facilities were destroyed by “El Niño costero” in 2017

  • Rebuilding took place with funds from the FIFA Foundation Recovery Programme

The FIFA Foundation CEO Youri Djorkaeff visited Peru to witness how funds from the Recovery programme have been used to help rebuild three training facilities and stadia which were destroyed by catastrophic weather events in 2017.

Djorkaeff, a FIFA World Cup™ winner with France in 1998, visited two of the reconstructed facilities in the northern cities of Chiclayo and Trujillo. Like the other centre in Chancay, north of Lima, they have been built on the sites of the original facilities and were completed with FIFA quality artificial grass certifications.

The Peruvian Football Federation (FPF) and local municipalities aim to use the pitches predominantly for the development of youth football and grassroots activities and the facilities at Trujillo are now one of four designated FIFA Girls Academy Project venues in the country.

Accompanied by FPF President Agustín Lozano, Djorkaeff first visited the Videna facility in Chiclayo, where he watched a U-15 training session, and then travelled to see the El Porvenir Stadium in Trujillo where he saw a match between U-16 girls teams.

FIFA Foundation CEO Youri Djorkaeff pictured with youth team players in Peru

"We are here to talk about recovery instead of damage. This has been an unforgettable trip which has allowed me to see just how important these facilities are and how much they mean to the local people," said Djorkaeff. “These facilities have been built not for FIFA or the FPF, but for the young people of this region.”

"We are delighted that the work happened in conjunction with our colleagues at CONMEBOL and the FPF. This collaboration epitomises the values of teamwork and unity to battle against adversity," he added.

"I would also like to say how much I enjoyed watching Peru play in the World Cup, and I will always remember their joyous supporters.

“Of course, I supported France when our two teams met in the group stage but I admired the way Peru approached the game. It was evident that Peruvian players have natural talent and this is something that must not be allowed to go to waste."

FIFA Foundation CEO Youri Djorkaeff pictured with youth players in Peru

Peru was hit by a string of deadly floods and landslides in the first half of 2017, the result of persistent heavy rains which became known as "El Niño Costero", and which destroyed over 115,000 homes. Some of the country's football pitches, so often the bedrock of local communities reeling from tragedy, were also washed away.

The FPF quickly reached out to the FIFA Member Association (MA) Division, who went on a mission in Peru to verify the damage.

Following the on-site inspection, the FPF submitted a request for funding in 2017 under the framework of the FIFA Foundation's Recovery Programme, which is designed exactly for such cases where unforeseen events or natural disasters have destroyed sporting infrastructure. A sum of US$500,000 was allocated from the Recovery programme for the rebuilding work.

The FIFA Foundation was created in 2018 to deliver social change through football and to inspire humanity toward a healthier, fairer and more inclusive society. This dovetails with the FIFA President Gianni Infantino’s Vision 2020-2023, which pledges to make football work for society.