Saturday 11 July 2020, 11:00

The Week in Quotes

"Liverpool have been the best team this season and the worthy winners and champions, and then you could say easily Kevin [De Bruyne] has been the best player in the league."

Roberto Martinez [The Mirror]

"Playing in a home World Cup is really goosebumps stuff."

Steph Catley []

"We never take Ali [Alisson] for granted and he’s the best goalkeeper in the world by a country mile."

Andy Robertson []

"[David de Gea] had a little bit of a tough ride early on, with the physicality of football in England, but, for me, he has been the best goalkeeper in the world over the last nine or 10 years."

Ole Gunnar Solskjaer []

"I think for every football player, playing in the World Cup is the biggest thing that can happen to you and if you have the luck to win a World Cup, it will stay with you for the rest of your life. In the moment, if you’re actually lucky enough to win it, you don’t realise what actually happened. You just think it's party time and you want to celebrate. But later on, after your career is over, you travel the world and meet people who talk to you and remind you of that World Cup success. Then you realise that it was actually a really big thing that happened. It’s a pleasure when you get remembered or reminded of what you achieved in that moment with your team and country, and you share that moment with so many people out there, who watched it on TV or maybe were lucky enough to be in the stadium. It will always stay with you no matter what."

Jurgen Klinsmann [Goal]

"There’s going to be so many little Marcus Rashfords in Manchester that are totally inspired by what he did the other week – young boys who probably felt there’s not much going for me in life who are now inspired by Marcus Rashford in the same way that a gay Premier League player coming out, or a gay player coming out around the world who is currently playing, that will have a huge impact on young gay boys who may like football, who feel ‘I can’t play football’ because of all the stereotypes around playing football. I personally look forward to that and I think the impact will be hugely positive."

Eniola Aluko [The Independent]

"It's beautiful. A team of good boys and nice boys the only thing they want to win at the end of the season is the fair play cup and I've never been interested in winning that. I don't like a team that doesn't have a critical sense. What happened at half-time shouldn't have happened there, it should have happened just inside the dressing room. But I can promise you my winning teams had big fights."

Jose Mourinho on the Hugo Lloris-Son Heungmin bust-up

"I could see him [Lionel Messi] playing in 2025, easily!"

Luis Garcia [LaLiga]

"I was going out and having a few drinks as a way of dealing with my emotions, to try to give myself a temporary high and feel good about myself for a short period... I was trying to escape my feelings by drinking. Maybe people perceived that as, 'He doesn't give a f***', that sort of attitude. But it was the opposite. This is the thing with depression. When you're stuck in that mindset, you find any way you can to try to make yourself feel better."

Michael Johnson [The Athletic]

"If I was here from the beginning of the season, we would have won the Scudetto!"

Zlatan Ibrahimovic [DAZN]

"Next we played West Brom, Matic recovers and he starts. It was a typical game and for 70 minutes it was 0-0. They were defending well. The game was calling for someone like me to come on to open the door or do something but the minutes went by and nothing. I remember Costa coming to the touchline and shouting at Conte, saying: 'Put Cesc on!' Conte is not the manager you mess with this and he was pretending not to listen to Costa. Two minutes later he says 'Cesc come', and two minutes after I come on I provided the assist for Costa to score."

Cesc Fabregas []