The Week in Quotes

"It is what it is. Playing in Scotland my full career as well, you're used to a bit of cold weather. It hurts nobody." Kieran Tierney (BT Sport)

“There’s much more to him (Brent Sancho) than having his dreadlocks pulled by Peter Crouch!” Stern John (The Athletic)

NUREMBERG, GERMANY - JUNE 15: Peter Crouch #21 (R) of England rises above Brent Sancho of Trinidad and Tobago, to score the opening goal during the FIFA World Cup Germany 2006 Group B match between England and Trinidad and Tobago at the Frankenstadion on June 15, 2006 in Nuremberg, Germany. (Photo by Ross Kinnaird/Getty Images)

“I thought I’d change from my bad tracksuit to my own bad clothes! The boys could see me on the side, they look at me in my shocking gear and my terrible haircut and my horrible face and think, ‘well, it’s not too bad out there!’ I fancied a change, 2021. I am going to be myself, wear my own clothes, I am fine with that." Graham Potter

“I was concerned for children just like me if the schools closed as part of the national lockdown. Without breakfast club and free school meals, I had very little. What would me and my mum have done? I’d injured my back last January and spent time with families during the early stages of my recovery through FareShare, and it was clear they were as reliant on the food vouchers [for school meals] as the food banks. It wasn’t one or the other. They needed both to survive. I knew what that fear felt like. I knew what fear in my mum looked like. I didn’t want that for any child or any parent." Marcus Rashford (The Guardian)

"It doesn’t matter who you are, everybody gets disrespected. There is nobody who will be praised by everybody. You know it is part football, part of the game. Sometimes people want other players to play. I understand that with that experience and I’m okay with that. Maybe sometimes I am underrated but the most important thing is the numbers. For a striker that is what matters. As long as I am efficient for the club team and Les Bleus and making my family proud, the rest I concede." Olivier Giroud (Stadium Astro)

"That's the humility of a player. That's Sonny. That's the human nature. He's like that. Some other guys they are not like that. For him it's the team. For him, for [Harry] Kane, for Lucas [Moura], for many the team is first and of course we depend a lot on the characteristics of some players. Sonny is one of them. So special player but also a special human being." Jose Mourinho on Son Heungmin

Tottenham Hotspur midfielder Pierre-Emile Hojbjerg to Joshua Dasilva after the Brentford midfielder's tackle, which saw him red carded

"FIFA treats referees based purely on their ability, not their gender. If you're good, there's room for you. We women are all preparing ourselves to rise to the challenge." Edina Alves Batista (AFP)

"To see our big brothers like (Pierre-Emerick) Aubameyang, (Mohamed) Salah, (Sadio) Mane, it's something that gives me the dream that I can also make it. I can be like them. They are my inspiration, knowing that they also come from Africa. My biggest dream is to give hope to a lot of underprivileged people. When I look back I want to be proud to hear people say, 'because of you, I never gave up my dream. You gave me the opportunity to believe in myself,' because I know how difficult it is." Patson Daka (BBC Sport)

"We have a team at the moment that’s filled with so much talent, so much character, so much drive. Our aim is or will be to win the Champions League as many times as we can, whilst we are at that peak. Maybe like Barcelona or Real Madrid, who won it three times in a row. We want to do the same things. Hopefully in a couple of years [at the end of your career], to know that you’ve made history is something no one can take from you. And looking back at the trophies and especially the memories that you’ve had lifting the trophy, winning, seeing the team, spending time with your mates, those are things that I want to remember when I finish my career." Bayern Munich's Serge Gnabry (The Mail on Sunday)

"Many of them (Aston Villa U-23s) are so young their parents will be dropping them off at Villa Park tonight." Aston Villa CEO Christian Purslow ahead of the club hosting Liverpool in the FA Cup (BT Sport)