Saturday 30 January 2021, 14:52

The Week in Quotes

“I am actually a big Harry Potter fan, I have a tattoo on my hand, so it was a magic spell." Weston McKennie on goal celebration in Juventus' 2-0 win over Bologna in Serie A (DAZN)

"Do I feel like a pioneer? I guess I have to recognise that when people come to the Wanderers game and they see a ponytail on the referee it can be surprising. But I follow a huge tradition of very strong women referees in Canada." Marie-Soleil Beaudoin (Journal Pioneer)

"If not me, then who else will take pride in defending? It gives me pleasure to make the other team feel powerless." Ruben Dias (Daily Mail)

"I really feel when I get out there on their pitch and on their field, they embrace this old, crazy Swedish woman! I really try to share what I learned from my time in the US." Pia Sundhage on coaching the Brazilian women's national team (Fútbol with Grant Wahl)

“It’s a bug really. I enjoy that final whistle when you’ve won a game and I like to think about supporters going home happy. I try and put smiles on people’s faces if I can.” Neil Warnock (The Offside Rule)

"People talk about projects and ideas. They don't exist. You have to win or you will be replaced. I respect the decision by Chelsea, but I hope to see Frank soon and go to a restaurant with him when lockdown is finished." Pep Guadiola on Frank Lampard's sacking from Chelsea

"Unfortunately he’s a really good manager. I have known him a long time and respect him a lot. This Chelsea squad is a present, I’m pretty sure Thomas sees it like that. They will be good.” Jurgen Klopp on the new Chelsea coach, Thomas Tuchel

“After the last Women's World Cup, I could feel a groundswell. I’m very entrepreneurial and ambitious in business,” she said. “I’m also passionate about growing awareness for women’s sport and inspiring the next generation of young girls. So, being an owner in NWSL team seemed like a great way to merge those two interests. After I saw some high-profile females getting involved in the L.A. franchise I started looking to see if there were any teams where I could add value and make a strategic investment." Tennis star Naomi Osaka on becoming an owner of the North Carolina Courage (The Athletic)

"It's funny. I idolised Neymar when I was a kid. One time Santos were playing not too far away and I begged my father to take me. We went and I remember screaming, ‘Neymar, Neymar’ the whole match until I completely lost my voice. I had been with the squad a little time and then suddenly Neymar walked in. I wanted to burst out crying – I was realising a childhood dream. I really had to hold back the tears not to look bad. I saw him coming up to me and I was a little nervous. He introduced himself and welcomed me to the squad. He was really nice, humble. So I told him the story of how he made me lose my voice. ‘Wow, I’m already that old!,’ he said! We both laughed." Palmeiras star Gabriel Menino on his first call-up to the Brazil squad (

"The French Women's National Team is so diverse. Even the men's national team is a mixed bag. There are so many Black men – and in midfielder positions – known for being creative and technical. They have the cognitive ability to solve problems, and it is a similar position to the quarterback in the NFL. For a long time, Black quarterbacks were an anomaly.

That is why I'm so passionate about wanting to be seen as a ten because it is a position that not a lot of black women play it. Black women, I would say, are mostly center backs, outside backs, and wide forwards. Playing at a ten means that I am now combating the stereotypes of being fast, physical, and strong. I am passionate about wanting the world to see more Black women, especially in the roles that don't fit the stereotypes that have been placed on us; that goes against everything that people have seen and use to describe Black athletes." Crystal Dunn (Forbes)

"About mindset, I don’t know a stronger, more determined, obsessed player that I’ve shared a changing room with. I was fortunate to watch him go from a boy to a man over a few years and him affecting training sessions. He was absolutely obsessed winning a training session and scoring the last goal." Rio Ferdinand on Cristiano Ronaldo (BT Sport)

"Because of Christian Pulisic, and because of Clint Dempsey, and Tim Howard and Landon Donovan and some of our studs over the years, I think there's more kids dreaming about playing in the World Cup." Green Bay Packers quarterback Aaron Rodgers (The Men in Blazers Show on NBC)

"There is no doubt that Jozef left his mark on Slovak, European and world football, and contributed through his formidable commitment and exceptional dedication to the development of football and the promotion of our sport and its unique values throughout the world." FIFA President Gianni Infantino pays homage to former Czechoslavakia World Cup coach Jozef Venglos

"Imagine the Incredible Hulk getting a ball and running at you... it ain't nice." Patrick van Aanholt on Adama Traore

"The world is changing and I am afraid that being selfish is our biggest mistake. I will not allow it." Wolves coach Nuno Espirito Santo (Sky Sports)