The Week in Quotes

"Educate yourself. Read a book on Black history, and really open your mind to the experiences of other people. This is much more meaningful than sending a tweet. This is where we can start. Listen, I am not naive. I don’t expect everything to change overnight. I don’t expect the football world to come together to kill racism in 48 hours like they killed the Super League.

We will not solve this issue (racism in football) with a social media campaign, or with this article. I have lived too much life to have the hope of a child. But I am not hopeless. I am going to continue to fight — forever. Because I know there are people out there who care. I know there are people who really hear me.

For you, I am speaking honestly. For you, I am playing this Champions League final. You are the ones who have suffered with me, who have cried with me. And, inshallah, if I do lift the trophy on Saturday, then you will lift the trophy with the boy from Neukölln." Antonio Rudiger (The Players' Tribune)

"'There is a lot of jealously and a lot of hate out there. People don't like to see young black people being successful. I just believe that I've found a way to channel it. Like, if people don't want me to be successful, it just makes me want to be successful even more." Marcus Rashford (The Telegraph)

"A lot of the young people I meet - including Marcus - they're ahead of where I was when I was 23. They're already making changes and being positive forces in their communities." Former USA President Barack Obama on Rashford (via Penguin Random House)

"Yes, I didn't think he would do so well in this Serie A. I didn't think he could become so strong and improve so much compared to Manchester United's recent dark period. It's thanks to Italy and Antonio Conte, who made him one of the top No 9s in Europe. Honestly, I would not have bet on him but I was wrong. He is strong, he runs and fights like a marine." Wesley Sneijder on Romelu Lukaku (Sportsmail)

"It is an honour to be compared with him because the impact he had was really high and he won many major trophies with the club. But when you are compared with this kind of big player it means you need to be better every day. It makes me work harder to keep in the mind of the people, being compared with him. That, for me, is a good pressure." Bruno Fernandes on comparisons with Eric Cantona (BBC Sport)

"I think a big chance. There are a lot of players at the moment on the top of their game. I think we have a great attack, great everywhere all over the pitch. It must be a headache for Gareth to pick the team, but that just shows how many quality players we've got, so I definitely think we can start pushing on to win things now." Phil Foden on how much of a chance that home advantage will give England at UEFA EURO 2020 (BBC)

"Well, the best is Messi, first. Second, I didn't meet Leo Messi at 17-years-old like I met Phil (Foden), and that age, I've never seen a player with this potential. But you have to see it on the pitch and on the biggest stages." Pep Guardiola on Foden (BT Sport)

"I don’t chase records, records chase me." Cristiano Ronaldo (Instagram)

"I'm 35 but I feel like I'm only 27. I feel great. You shouldn't look at the age, it's all about how we perform on the pitch, regardless of age. I'm still hungry for more, to continue playing at the highest level and I feel great." Luka Modric on signing one-year contract extension with Real Madrid

"The best player gets the highest salary and is therefore in such a strong position that he can determine a lot or at least have an influential say in a lot. Neymar has done a lot to be better than the others and has therefore earned this privilege. Whether it's him, Cristiano Ronaldo, Lionel Messi or Zlatan Ibrahimovic, they are all professional, powerful and heard because they are great players with charisma and have done a lot of good for football. I think they have to be listened to because what they say will always be in the interest of the whole." Thomas Meunier on former team-mate Neymar (Goal, Spox)

“I really had to get everything out of myself. I dedicate [the Scudetto] to myself.” Antonio Conte after winning the Serie A title with Inter and before announcing his departure from the club