The Week in Quotes

"Every time I've come to England there's always an energy about the people that I've really enjoyed. I think it's kind of the banter, the pub life that is really fun. There's an energy about this city that I've already felt, even with the change of everything that's happened in the world, with everyone ready to get back to work and to life and to fun."

Tobin Heath [Manchester United]

"Football is the ultimate teacher, and every single time I step on the field I feel like a rookie, I feel like I have so much to learn, that perfection is impossible and all I can see ahead of me is how much I can improve and grow, and I really embrace that challenge."

Christen Press [Manchester United]

"McDonald's if you're watching this, I applied for one of your franchises. You guys didn't call me back."

Alphonso Davies [Jordyn & Alphonso on YouTube]

"Seeing Fran Kirby in an England shirt was unbelievable. Six to eight months ago I thought that was a long way away, but the work that she has put in herself, the work she has done to get mentally and physically right to play at the level she’s playing this season is an incredible achievement, exciting. The best thing is the smile on her face. She’s falling in love with football again, she wants to play football. She’s playing like that kid that used to play in the park."

Phil Neville [The Guardian]

"So, I remember the 2006 World Cup – that was the first time I watched football. I was watching the final, it was France against Italy. I don’t know why but I was for France in the final. I remember when Zidane head-butted Materazzi, and I remember after the game I was crying because France lost. I didn’t know anything about football at the time. After the World Cup, I was like to my dad, ‘yeah, I want to play football’."

Tahith Chong []

"We have a big role to play. We work hard each and every day to build these platforms and fans pay money to come see us play on the field, come to events to see us off the field, follow us on social media, and we have these massive platforms that we can really do a lot of good. Not for our own personal gain but for our communities we come from. Change is really only going to come through actions. I think teams taking a knee is good, I think we should still do that, but we really need each team, each person, to stand up with the Black community and minority communities and fight. Action is the way towards real change."

Zach Steffen [ESPN]

"As I’ve said before, the prospect of playing at the next World Cup is another thing that really drives me. I’ll be more or less 38 years old by the time of the next World Cup and I’m hugely motivated to be in good shape for it."

Thiago Silva [Chelsea]

"Klopp leaves something behind for you. You don't forget someone like him. I was lucky to be able to play under him. He's a super emotional trainer. Someone for whom you fight for every ball. He demands that of you too, and you can see that in his behaviour on the sidelines."

Ciro Immobile [Sport Bild]

"They are amazing - I remember watching Seaman play when I was a small kid, the same with Jens Lehmann. Big characters, big personalities but also great goalkeepers. It is not easy to follow those guys but someone has to do it! Football would be no fun without having this type of pressure so it will be a challenge but I am up for it."

Alex Runarsson [Arsenal]

"Zlatan has so many ideas that he wants to implement with us on the pitch. All of his experience helps us further and, above all, his unconditional will to win. It starts with training. Zlatan wants to win every little training game himself, is very ambitious and gets really angry when he loses."

Hakan Calhanoglu [SPOX, DAZN]

"82: A thought for the teammates I worked with and who greatly contributed to this record. Thank you for your wonderful support. Also proud to succeed you Marinette Pichon."

Eugenie Le Sommer on becoming France's all-time top goalscorer

“Messi will always be Messi. I believe the best of Messi is still to come.”

Cafu []

"Most of the biggest African talent has played for this team. Drogba, Essien, Eto’o, Mikel. When you see that, you want to continue it. Regarding the goalkeeper, I am the first, so it really makes me very proud, and it’s also a big responsibility."

Edouard Mendy [Chelsea]

"It was a really special moment. It was strange. When I was preparing to save Baggio’s penalty, I got this feeling in my head that the World Cup was ending right there. If Baggio had scored, Bebeto still had a penalty to win it for us. I didn’t know if I would save it or he would miss, but I just knew that Baggio would kick the last ball at that World Cup. It was an incredible sensation. I thanked God for giving me such a moment. There’s a really cool photo of Baggio with his head down, devastated, and me on my knees euphoric. It’s always like that in football – one player is sad and the other happy."

Claudio Taffarel []