The Week in Quotes

"He [Lionel Messi] always complains, we are like an old married couple. I always fall asleep with the TV on and when I wake up the next morning he is always complaining to me." Sergio Aguero [Santo Sabado]

“I don’t know why but football games are my life and I don’t think that’s ever going to change." Arsene Wenger [The Guardian]

"I think Erling Haaland is sensational. I think he’ll be up there with your Ronaldo’s and Messi’s levels possibly from what I’ve seen so far." Paul Scholes [Astro SuperSport]

“I always say, if I would be an animal, I would be an octopus. I remember when I was in Almería they called me ‘the octopus’ because I stole a lot of balls." Thomas Partey

"He’s [Philippe Coutinho] phenomenal. You simply can’t say that he’s not a magician. He has magical powers. He produces plays that don’t exist, that you couldn’t make up." Roberto Firmino []

Neymar surpassed Brazil legend Ronaldo on the country's all-time scoring list this week when he scored a hat-trick in Seleção's 4-2 win over Peru in FIFA World Cup Qatar 2022 qualifying

"It was of course a special game for me. To have reached 100, that's a nice mark. But anyone who knows me knows that I care more about results and titles than appearances. But of course, 100 games is something nice. In the past I have played with incredibly good footballers and guys. I hope that we can build on these successes with the current team." Toni Kroos

"He [Zlatan Ibrahimovic] will have broken the treadmill every day. Someone who says it was a bad idea for coronavirus to challenge him is mentally stronger than everyone. He'll play the derby with a cigarette in his mouth, trust me." Christian Vieri [Gazzetta dello Sport]

"For me, Ronaldinho is the greatest player of all-time." Gerard Deulofeu [Marca]

Prime Minister of Malta Robert Abela

"Last Saturday was World Mental Health Day. In case you don’t know, I have been seeing a psychologist for about five years now. We all have certain mental health issues in some way, shape or form. They’re just caused by different things and come in different degrees of severity. So it’s important to remember that it’s O.K. to not be O.K. It happens to everybody. In my case, I have spent a long time dealing with unresolved issues. I used to cope with them by drinking. I’d push down the pain. Actually, I used to think that it was normal to feel bad, like, doesn’t everybody feel like this? It was only when my drinking really got out of control that people went, 'Troy, you need to see somebody.' When I began to talk about my past, my psychologist would say, 'So have you actually dealt with that situation?' And I would be like, 'Oh, no. I haven’t, actually.' And this is the thing: It doesn’t help to just say that you have mental health issues. You have to work through them day by day. Only then can you truly understand who you actually are and what you actually want to do." Troy Deeney [The Players' Tribune]