The Week in Quotes

"True happiness comes from humility and from the recognition that we are only very little or almost nothing, and life is only complete with the real feeling of love for our neighbour. I am grateful with all my heart for so many blessings, so many successive miracles in my life. The winner said: 'Let's live our dreams, we have so little time.'" Chapecoense airplane crash survivor Alan Ruschelwrites a reflection on his Instagram page after playing in the Joan Gamper Trophy with his team-mates against Barcelona at the Camp Nou

"I'm personally convinced that will happen soon. I'm convinced in ten or 15 years it will not necessarily be a football specialist who is a manager of a club. You will have so many scientists around the team that who will bring out the team to play on Saturday will be more management specialists than football specialists. Because the football decisions will be made by technological analysis." Arsenal manager Arsene Wengersays he expects a female manager in the English Premier League soon, speaking at a Football Writers' Association Live event to raise money for victims of the Grenfell Tower disaster

"Let me put it this way. Harvard’s a pretty big deal in America, right? Well, playing with that team in that tournament was like going to the Ivy League of football. It was a first-class, front-row education on how to not just play football, but how to be a footballer. How to be a World Cup champion. I didn’t play a minute in that tournament, but I watched and absorbed everything that I could. I took notes, collected all this information, knowing that someday I was going to be back. That summer changed my life and my career. Former Brazil forward Ronaldowrites in The Players' Tribune about his time being a part of the 1994 FIFA World Cup™ winning team as a 17-year-old

"You never know, if they get someone like Messi or Ronaldo the record might get broken! But I think that in football now, players don't really tend to stay at clubs for that long. The only way I can see it being broken is if someone stays for the same period of time that I did. It is fantastic to have left that mark behind. It is a great legacy to have left. I left United with great memories. It was a successful time for the club and it was great for me. I loved it there. I loved working with the players but it was the right time for me to move on and I feel I have certainly made the right decision in coming here." Everton forward Wayne Rooneybelieves his Manchester United goalscoring record will be hard to beat

"May he keep enjoying himself and giving joy to those that like football, independent of the club he's at (...) I am happy for him. He is our biggest idol in Brazil right now because we love his style of play." *Ronaldinhogives his reaction to Neymar's record transfer to Paris Saint-Germain*

"You couldn’t get the ball off him, he was massive. He was physically strong, obviously technically good, mentality good, he was the best surprise I’ve ever had on a football pitch. Actually, I wasn’t on the football pitch, I was lining up to play against him against Juventus and I just stood next to him and he was just massive, you see him on the television and you just thought he wasn’t that big. He wasn’t an overly physical player but he used his body in the right way and you couldn’t get the ball off him." Former Manchester United winger Ryan Giggstells Sky Sports that Zinedine Zidane was the best player he faced

"When you believe, you can do it, that's what I always say. In 2010, with Inter, we never thought we would win the Champions League. Over the course of the games and the season, we started to believe it, and we got there."

Netherlands international Wesley Sneijder speaks at a media conference after signing with Nice in Ligue 1*

"I left Cardiff with the team and returned to Italy. The next evening, when I got home, I had to ask myself a very hard question: Is this the end of the road? Is this as far as I can take this team? I wondered if I should write the final chapter to my story at Juventus. Part of me was thinking about walking in on Monday and respectfully resigning. When I got home after that defeat, I had to think hard about whether to continue. I thought about why I had become a manager in the first place. I do this because I love teaching. It is truly the joy of my life. I like making players better and smarter. So when I thought about this Juventus squad, my decision became quite personal. I know I still have a lot to prove. And I know I still have a lot to teach. So that night, before I went to bed, I decided that if the club was on board with my strategy and we could move on together, then I would stay on." Juventus head coach Massimiliano Allegriwrites in The Players' Tribune about thoughts on his future following his club's 4-1 defeat by Real Madrid in the 2016/17 UEFA Champions League final

"An expletive, then I just called him a nutter basically. Something's not right in his head, I don't think. I knew what he was going to play like, I knew he was going to try the mind games and try and throw me off my game, so I just didn't rise to it and got back into position. I think he sort of tapped my chest, so I think there was a little bit of respect there maybe -- so he was alright." Arsenal defender Rob Holding speaks at an Arsenal Q&A event about going up against Diego Costa during the 2017 FA Cup Final

"He was my best friend. It was genuine. He loved his football. He loved me. I loved him. There was nothing I could give him apart from just being a friend. Even towards the end when he was struggling, and I'd walk into the room, he would just jump up, and his mom said, 'He's not moved all day!' So for me that's how I saw him, it was a special feeling." Bournemouth and England forward Jermain Defoe speaks with BBC Football Focus about Bradley Lowery, the young Sunderland fan who died of cancer aged six in July

"Bonucci? Pirlo and Vidal also left, as did Pogba. It takes a while to adapt and you also have to wait for the new signings . Maybe we’ve lost something from our game, but we have the best attack. Maybe Pjanic will drop back a bit." Juventus defender Giorgio Chiellinitells La Stampa that the club will recover after the departure of Leonardo Bonucci **to AC Milan

"I’d say the player whose style most resembles mine would be Neymar. That’s because I played with a sense of joy and you can see that he feels the same and really enjoys his own play. He doesn’t play for himself or just to entertain the fans – he plays for his team. He uses his quality and skill for the good of the team." Former Nigeria international Jay Jay Okochacompares himself with Neymar in an exclusive interview about this year's The Best FIFA Football Awards

Netherlands head coach Sarina Wiegman's** **story told following the Dutch team's triumph on home soil at UEFA Women's EURO 2017