The Week in Quotes

"Devastated to lose someone that's so special to our game, Les Murray. As a kid I watched him on TV and woke up early hours of the morning to watch his broadcasts of World Cups and followed him on and off our TV screens as I grew older. He is the voice of football and someone that has always supported the game and myself as a footballer. His legacy will live on forever and I just want to say ‘Thank you Les’ for helping our game to grow through the good times and the tough times. Rest in Peace Legend." *Tim Cahill pays tribute to Australia’s legendary football broadcaster Les Murray, who passed away on 31 July aged 71*

"It was not easy – I had to think a lot, I had to think what I wanted to do with my life. A lot of people wanted me to talk about it but it’s difficult to communicate when you’re not 100 per cent sure what you want to do. But as soon as I made up my mind, I started communicating. This is what my heart told me to do. I always ask my heart every day and my heart told me, ‘Go to PSG.'" *Neymarspeaks at his introductory press conference after completing his move to Paris Saint-Germain from Barcelona*

"It was an enormous pleasure to have shared these years with you Neymar, friend. I wish you a lot of luck in the next stage of your life. See you. Love you a lot." *Lionel Messiposts a farewell message to Neymar on his Instagram page*

" will remain forever. Players like you make this club and its history greater." Neymar's former team-mate Gerard Pique posts a farewell message to the Brazil international

"We screamed from happiness, in fact I lost my voice. This is so great to experience in this crazy atmosphere. We will celebrate tonight but will focus on the final soon after that." Netherlands defender Anouk Dekkergives her reaction to after helping the hosts advance to the UEFA Women's EURO final for the first time

"It would mean a lot. We never dared imagine this and we have heard so much about the summer of '92. We get goose bumps when we watch the movie about that summer which came out recently. It would be a big thing." Denmark midfielder Katrine Vejespeaks with ahead of the UEFA Women's EURO final against hosts Netherlands about the Danish men's triumph at EURO 1992 and the women's side's aim to emulate them

"For 33 games next year I’ll be LAFC’s biggest fan, there’s no two ways about that, but I’m not going anywhere. I love Toronto. Toronto’s my home. Toronto’s my club, and I’ve never been more committed to trying to finish what I went there for, which was to win, to hold up trophies." Toronto FC captain Michael Bradley comments on the appointment of his father Bob as Los Angeles FC’s first ever head coach

"I’m always talking about football. I’m waiting on a call from Mourinho. It’s taking forever. I think he’s going to wait until the last day. That’s why he’s waiting." Jamaican sprinter and the fastest human in the world Usain Bolt jokes about waiting for a call from Manchester United manager Jose Mourinho to join the club

"He is the most important player at Borussia Dortmund. You could replace any player, but not Aubameyang! He makes up 20 per cent of Borussia Dortmund. He is omnipresent, he is a top striker, he creates chances out of impossible situations, he can also do things on his own, and is not only dependent on his team-mates." Former Borussia Dortmund head coach Ottmar Hitzfeld speaks about the importance of forward Pierre-Emerick Aubameyang to the club, in an interview with Eurosport

"Never give up. Don't give up on your dreams, whether that's in football or in another sport. If you want something, then you go out and get it. I think that's something that I've shown. It took a long time and it took a lot of things out of my control, but I stuck at it and I was persistent and eventually it happened, because that's how much I wanted it. Follow your dreams and don't let anything else get in the way." Arsenal Women forward and top scorer at UEFA Women's EURO Netherlands 2017 for England Jodie Taylor tells her story in an interview with Arsenal Media

"Jurgen Klopp knows what he wants from every player - fast counter-pressing with direct attacks, but also a clean and structured build-up with specific position-play. But of course, if we lose the ball, the first step is towards the ball and not back to defend at our box. We are defending very high. It begins with the strikers, who run up to the opponent and cover a lot of metres, which allows us defenders to play very high too. It’s hard to describe Klopp’s aura. He is very affable, yet direct. Even when there is something wrong, he is straight with you, but in a cordial manner. He’s straight but cordial. It’s hard to say that in one word." Liverpool defender Joel Matip gives insight into manager Jurgen Klopp’s tactics and personality, speaking with LFCTV

"Christian’s got the sauce man. Everything’s special about him. I think in any country he’s someone people are excited about. He’s fit. He’s fearless. I think he has all the makings to be a special player. The challenge for him, for us, for everybody is to keep pushing him. It’s easy when everyone’s telling you how great you are, but you have to make sure he knows there’s a long way to go, but I think he knows that. He comes across as a really bright kid, comes from a good family. I’m not worried. I think he has enough good people around him, and I think he has a federation too and a lot of guys who have that trial and error and have been through it, and know how to approach him, and I think hopefully he does great." USA forward Jozy Altidore talks about rising star Christian Pulisic with ESPN FC’s Herculez Gomez

"One of the first lessons I learned in football is that it takes a team to accomplish your dreams. We live by this mantra on the pitch, yet we don’t see it enough in the social space. Common Goal is creating a collaborative way for football to give back to society. It’s the most effective and sustainable way that football can deliver long-term social impact on a global scale. Football has the power to do this, but we need to act together." Manchester United and Spain midfielder Juan Mata speaks about Common Goal, an initiative he's leading to encourage the football community to donate 1 per cent of their earnings to charity

"I have two cars but I don't have a driver's license. At the moment my uncle drives me around Dortmund. I'll take my driving test in France eventually." Borussia Dortmund winger Ousmane Dembeletells Bild newspaper that he's getting help from his family to get him around town