The Week in Quotes

"I think he'll go down as one of the all-time great managers of the club, possibly the greatest. I know Herbert Chapman and the history of Arsenal, is an iconic figure but Wenger, in his 20 years, particularly in his first ten, was magnificent. We were the only team to challenge Manchester United, who were really on top of their game ad had probably the finances to outstrip any of the competition. So when Wenger came in, his buys in the transfer market, the like of Overmars, Petit, Pires, Vieira in particular, made sure we competed with them." Ahead of Arsene Wenger's landmark of 20 years with Arsenal this weekend, former Arsenal and Republic of Ireland midfielder Liam Brady tells Omnisport that Wenger will go down as one of the club's greatest ever managers

"I think he has been fantastic, we owe him so much gratitude. I think he introduced better play which we all took inspiration off. The competition he had with Sir Alex Ferguson made Manchester United much better, that's for sure. I think all in all he has made the Premier League so much better and I am not one of those guys who want him gone. I want to see him carry on because he has so much to offer English football." Former Manchester United goalkeeper Peter Schmeichel speaks with Omnisport about Arsene Wenger's qualities as the Arsenal manager celebrates 20 years with the club this weekend

"'What's this rubbish about you playing football? You can't.' It was partly down to stubbornness, to wanting to show him that I could play. At the beginning, I didn't like football." Mexico winger Jacqueline Ovalleon how a rivalry with her brother got her involved in football, in an interview with  ahead of the FIFA U-17 Women's World Cup Jordan 2016

"I grew up as a kid coming to this stadium, all my memories are around here. It's a special year for us and all the fans, a magical one. It would be a great year to do something special, to remember this as one of the best seasons in our history." Atletico Madrid forward Fernando Torreshopes the club can have a successful final season at the Vicente Calderon, in an interview with Fox Sports

“There are new anecdotes, almost every day — lots of stories I did not know. People always say how sorry they are, what he meant to them. I have been to various countries these last few months, and you see men who are 65, 70, and they are emotional. They had moments when my father touched them, in whatever way, and they want to talk about it.”

Jordi Cruyff speaks with The New York Times about his father, the late Johan Cruyff*

"My answer to the England job would be a big fat no. I think the next England manager should be an Englishman. It shouldn't be anyone from overseas; I don't care what his record is. Unless you're from that country you can never ever know what it means to represent that country. You'd never see Germany, Italy or Spain looking outside. Why should England look further afield? Gareth , Brucey , that's where they should be looking. Certainly not a Welshman. Certainly not this Welshman."* Speaking at a news conference, Wales manager Chris Coleman rules himself out of the England manager's job

"I've been playing FIFA a good ten years easily. I get it every year. I won't queue for it at midnight, but I definitely get it every year. I play online against my friends. The lads here play online too. There hasn't been much competition before at the club, but there will be this year with the new game coming out. It's cool. I was coaching summer camps here, and the kids were asking me if I was going to be in FIFA and things like that. It's pretty cool to say 'yeah, I'm in FIFA'. It's cool that people can go and check you out in FIFA and play as you." Wexford Youths midfielder Shane Dunne **talks with Goal about the club's first appearance in FIFA 17

“It was like something fell from the sky. It’s a moment that I can’t really describe. In that instance, I was a little bit anxious, worried I might not take the opportunity, but all I was thinking about was connecting with the shot. I knew it could change the destiny of our team.” Iran's Ahmad Esmaeilpour recalls his dramatic strike against Paraguay with at the FIFA Futsal World Cup Colombia 2016

"He reminds me of his uncle, Jay-Jay Okocha. He was a player I loved watching. Alex reminds me of a mixture of him and Edgar Davids. He's really strong on the ball, also defensively, but he's good in front of goal too. He's developing really well and if he continues the way he's been playing for the whole season, he will enhance his game. The manager knows exactly how good he is and I wish him all the best." Arsenal midfielder Mesut Ozilsays team-mate Alex Iwobi plays like a mixture of Jay-Jay Okocha and Edgar Davids in the club's matchday programme

"Football isn’t only for men. Women have shown that they can play it. No woman should hesitate to play this game – it won’t detract from them in any way. Families should support their daughters who watch this World Cup and become inspired to follow this path and play.”

Lebanese singer Carole Samaha about the significance the FIFA U-17 Women's World Cup can have in empowering women to play football in Jordan*

"This is tiring. I will be talking with my family and with the people I need to talk to. Yes, I would consider retirement, but I would like to play for the rest of my life with this club. Coming into the Bombonera on Sundays is what makes me happy." Boca Juniors forward Carlos Tevez admits he is considering retirement, in an interview with Ole