The Week in Quotes

"Forget about the titles, I won more titles than him. Our gratitude is infinite and his legacy is also. And this legacy is not measured in trophies. It is rather the fact that he has enforced changes…there is nothing that can compare to what Cruyff has done for football. The football of the last 25 years at Barcelona belongs to him and that is something indestructible…I knew nothing about football and Johan gave me everything.” **Pep Guardiola reflecting on the life, legacy and impact of Johan Cruyff

“I’m the butt of the joke in my family, just because the ten minutes I had in international football was ruined by one man.” Ryan Shawcross blaming Zlatan Ibrahimovic and his 2013 Puskás Award winning bicycle kick for his limited time in England’s Three Lions set-up

“Well then, let’s hope Elvis is found alive.” Leicester City goalkeeper Kasper Schmeichelafter hearing the odds of the Foxes winning the English Premier League title at the beginning of the season were the same as someone seeing The King of Rock and Roll alive and well

“I have a bet with Neymar. The winner gets a burger. He is a great team-mate and we always make jokes at Barcelona. But whoever will win this game will be enjoying himself and he who loses will be hearing it from the other. Above all, we are team-mates and friends.” **Luis Suarez, who is set to make his return for Uruguay in a FIFA World Cup™ qualifier against Brazil and Barcelona team-mate Neymar

"It puts me in the shop window. I'll be playing week in and week out, and Jurgen will be able to see that. As long as I'm playing well, I'm very confident in my ability. Brad and I are both tremendous goalkeepers. Every time we are on the pitch for the team, the team responds well and gives us both opportunities to perform. I have no worries about that."* USA goalkeeper Tim Howard on his move to MLS side Colorado Rapids

“If I’m dead, I can’t go to the game. So, I have to look after myself a little bit.” Leicester City super fan Lee Jobber explaining why he wears a shirt in colder temperatures while supporting his club after a close scrape with hypothermia a few years ago*

“Although Messi and Neymar are team-mates, it was Ronaldo who took (Neymar) around and showed him where he needed to go and made sure everything was translated for him. He was just very kind and very caring toward Neymar, they way he looked out for him and made sure he knew what he was doing. And I think that’s maybe a side of (Ronaldo) that you don’t expect.” **Kate Abdo discusses the off-camera relationship between the Brazilian and Portuguese superstars at the 2015 FIFA Ballon d’Or rehearsal

"When I went back to Italy recently, everyone was talking about Leicester. Now all the world knows where the city of Leicester is. I was watching something on CNN and it was asking where Leicester was. Then they showed a little map and pointed it out saying, 'Here it is.' If CNN are speaking about this football club and in places like Australia and everywhere else it is a talking point then it is fantastic." *Leicester City manager Claudio Ranieri*

"I also wanted to bring my daughters here, so they could see the beauty and the vibrancy of this city. They've already met one famous Argentinean – His Holiness Pope Francis. Now they want to meet Messi, but I could not arrange that." USA President Barack Obama on failing to get the Argentina No10 to meet Malia and Sasha

"For me it would be a source of great pride to be able to meet him and his daughters, but obviously I know it would be complicated. I don't know whether it is possible.” **Lionel Messi responding to President Obama wishes after beating Chile 2-1 in Thursday’s World Cup qualifier