The Week in Quotes

“That was me just warming has seen me in full flow yet!” Everton manager Roberto Martinez responding to video of him busting a few moves at a Jason Derulo concert

“It’s a big challenge of course, made harder by the current points situation. But I am looking forward to working with the team.” Newly-appointed Hoffenheim head coach Julian Nagelsmann, who is the youngest manager in the history of the Bundesliga at the age of 28

“We have a duty of care to the club and of course the people involved. Together with Julian, we again carefully weighed up all the risks we considered in the autumn and have now decided the best way is for him to start earlier. He is keen and he can also give the team fresh impetus.” Hoffenheim’s managing director, Dr. Peter Gorlich on the appointment of Naglesmann

“A tailor makes a suit out of the materials available to him. He can only do what the material allows him to do. The work of a football coach is rather similar.” Italy coach Antonio Conte speaking in the first edition of our new monthly magazine, **FIFA 1904

“I hope that all the people who work with me remember me as a human being. It is special here at Carrington, but I think it was the same for me in Munich and Barcelona. Whether it is like that, I don’t know, but I like people. When you give your fellow employees attention for what they are doing for us, it makes a difference. I am empathetic to the job and I want to be a human being where I work. Sometimes players are very fed up with my communication, but that’s what I do and they know how I think. But they know I am very transparent." Manchester United manager Louis van Gaalopens up about his softer side in an interview with The Independent

"He'd probably jump all over me again…I thought you had to be clever to live around here." Ruud van Nistelrooy speaking at the Oxford Union about what would happen if he ran into Martin Keown, who lives in the area, recalling the duo’s clash in 2002 in the “Battle of Old Trafford” between Manchester United and Arsenal

“It was just a really special day. My family and friends were in the crowd and I realised, ‘This is really happening, you’re the England coach.’ You can enjoy that five minutes before kick-off, but then you also realise: ‘Oof, I’d better start winning some matches!’” England women’s manager Mark Sampson in an exclusive chat with about recalling his first game in charge of the Three Lionesses.

"I walked into the doors of Liverpool with my kit on in 1987 as an eight-year-old kid just happy to be there, never imagining all the things that were to come. I'm so appreciative of the career that I've had and the opportunity to be a part of what I feel is the best club in the world…I wish I could play for Liverpool for 100 years.” **Steven Gerrard reflecting on his time at Anfield

"I had a problem with Alexis Sanchez. We were just about to start an exercise in training. He was 50 meters away. I called him: 'Ale, Ale.' And he started sprinting towards me as if it were a match. I thought, 'What's up with him to make him come so fast?' So I asked him: 'What's up? Are you crazy?' And he said, 'Well, as we're fighting...' ‘Who's fighting?' I asked him. And he said, 'Didn't you see the paper today? That's what it says so, well, I thought there was a problem.'” **Gerardo Martino recalls a strange altercation with the Chile forward during their time at Barcelona

“It was nice to watch with my team-mates. They know a little more about American football than me, so they can explain a couple of things.” Philadelphia Union midfielder Tranquillo Barnetta on watching the NFL’s Super Bowl last week in-between pre-season sessions and learning about the ‘other’ football

“He is a young man with incredible drive, not allowing any illness or disability to stop him achieving the dream that he wanted and the recognition is genuine recognition from every Everton fan.” Roberto Martinez after 86 per cent of supporters who voted for nine-year-old George Shaw – who has cerebral palsy – to win the club's goal of the month competition