The Week in Quotes

"You always have dreams when you start playing football. I’m the type of person who always wants to be the best, so it’s only natural that I dreamed one day I would come this far, and thanks to God here I am now. It’s what I’ve worked so hard for. I pushed myself and believed in myself, even in difficult times. I’ve also made it this far thanks to my team-mates, my family and my friends." The Best FIFA Men's Player 2018 winner Luka Modric speaks in an exclusive interview with after the awards ceremony

"I don’t train harder than other players, but I will say this: every day that I go to training, I want to be the best there. I want to shoot the best, I want to run the fastest, I want to head the ball the best, I want to be the first to every ball. I want other people to look at me and think ‘why does she still have such a desire after all that time in football and after winning so many things?’ Because I know that by projecting this attitude and searching this out, that I will find something new to learn every day." The Best FIFA Women's Player 2018 Marta talks about what it takes to stay at the top, in an exclusive interview with

Three-time FIFA World Cup™ winner with Brazil Pele congratulates Modric and Marta on Twitter

"I am as happy as if I had won it. He deserves it, he is an excellent player and has marked an important era in the history of Real Madrid." Real Madrid and Spain defender Sergio Ramos reacts to his club team-mate Modric winning The Best FIFA Men's Player award

"If you're any sort of young girl with aspirations to play at the highest level, her ability on the ball - it's absolutely phenomenal, a rarity I'd say. A real leader, a match winner, an inspiration on and off the pitch - with the work that she's done to promote the game she's a real asset. Her longevity in the sport and what she's done for it needs to be admired and respected. There are now opportunities for women to become professional footballers and earn a decent living from the game. There are lots of players that have made that pathway possible and Marta is one of them." Brighton and Hove Albion women's team head coach Hope Powell on Marta with Newsbeat

"I think he is the present but above all, he is the future. He is the future of football. He is the after-Cristiano Ronaldo, the after-[Lionel] Messi. He is an exceptional player." Former France forward David Trezeguet on Kylian Mbappe's potential

“Oh God, you see him do that every day in training so you’re not surprised when you see him do it in a game like that – but what a goal. He’s one of the best players in the world and he shows it. He’s been showing it for the last five or six years and he is establishing himself in the top three players in the world. At the minute, he’s probably the best player in the world, the way he is playing.” Chelsea midfielder Ross Barkley on team-mate Eden Hazard, after the Belgian playmaker scored a stunning winning goal at Anfield to beat Liverpool 2-1 in the League Cup

"He is very demanding and this is how you improve. I think the place has become much more demanding in every way so this is great to see because this is what initially drives everybody forward and gives you the kind of kick that ‘I’m not doing enough to start the game’, or ‘I’m not doing enough to keep my spot in the game’, because the manager asked for precision and hard work every day. This is how it should be. We have very healthy competition and we are actually taking the benefit of it." Arsenal goalkeeper Petr Cech talks about life in the post-Arsene Wenger era and working under head coach Unai Emery

Cech then took to social media later in the week to offer his critique on his appearance in EA Sports' FIFA 19

"I wanted so much to have his ability. His skill was unbelievable. I played against Cruyff, Beckenbauer, Maradona. But I still say Besty was the best I played against." Former England captain Kevin Keegan on George Best, speaking in an interview with The Guardian

"If you went through something like this and it didn’t change your perspective on life, you’d be pretty foolish. When you almost die and you’re given a second chance, you find a new level of appreciation for everything you have." Former Tottenham Hotspur midfielder Ryan Mason on suffering a head injury which forced him to retire from football, in an interview with FourFourTwo

"I’ve received much from Manchester. Over the past decade I’ve been lucky to have witnessed and played a part in Manchester City’s rise as a club and a brand. However, with this spectacular rise, comes a very visible downside: more and more people are left out of and have no access to the benefits of the rapid development, often leaving them no choice but to end up on the streets." Belgium and Manchester City centre back Vincent Kompany announces his plans to organise a testimonial match for August 2019 to help fight against homelessness in Manchester

Young Rangers supporter Callum McIvor recalls a story of how Celtic winger Johnny Hayes was there for him in a difficult time