RELIVE! Matchday 1

The 32 finalists for the FIFA Interactive World Cup 2016 embarked on the opening matchday which saw the field whittled down from 32 players to only four semifinalists.

The four players that survived the pressure and secured a seat in the semi-finals are Ivan Lapanje (Sweden), Sean Allen (United Kingdom), Dylan Bance (France) and Mohamad Al-Bacha (Denmark).

The Matchday 1 live stream included the Group Stage, Round of 16 and Quarterfinals. Relive the entire day’s action right here on with our four-hour long replay, or with FIFATV on YouTube.

For the first time in FIWC history, streamed every single match from Day 1! All group stage matches took place across 8 consoles, and each console had its own dedicated live stream! Links to all eight of the streams remain available on the right-hand side of this page.

Your commentary team for the opening day was Leigh Smith and Joe Miller. Joining our commentators were returning FIWC Host Kay Murray. Click on the video to relive Matchday 1.

Join us tomorrow on for the Final Showdown, where a new world champion of virtual football will be crowned.