Marta: Without hard work, talent will get you nowhere

  • Marta analyses her most famous speech

  • "It's a message about the future of women's football in general"

  • Player cites the need for dedication and effort

Marta’s comments in the aftermath of Brazil’s defeat in the round of 16 at the FIFA Women's World Cup France 2019™ went on to become a motivational speech that gained global traction and still resonates today.

The player’s track record and standing in the game make her one of the most authoritative voices in football. Six times FIFA has named her world player of the year and, if that were not impressive enough, she is also the all-time leading scorer at the Women’s World Cup with 17 goals across five editions.

Always genuine, expressive and spontaneous, we asked the Brazilian legend to tell us more about her words from that afternoon in Le Havre.

"With that message, I was thinking about the future, and by that I mean not just the future of the Brazilian national team, but that of women's football in general. Just like any other sport, it requires a great deal of discipline and dedication,” Marta says, unable to hold back the tears on hearing her words again.

The main thrust of her message is something she never tires of repeating: "Future generations need to understand just how much discipline is needed. Talent alone will not get you very far." She also calls for dedication and for young women to take care of themselves and work very hard. After all, she knows from experience that the journey is far from easy, but that it’s ultimately worth the effort.

The Brazilian is well aware of the power of sport to send a message of motivation and hope, but also to value the effort of those who previously fought to get here, and who have already had the privilege of playing at World Cups and Olympic Games.

"Cry in the beginning, so you can smile at the end." While this was perhaps the most powerful and quoted sentence of her speech, her final entreaty should not be forgotten either. "Women's football depends on you to survive."

Are you ready to accept Marta's challenge?