'Marcuzo': There's huge pressure representing your country

  • Denmark’s 'Marcuzo' is one of the world’s leading eFootballers

  • Former eClub World Cup champion, top four finish at eNations Cup

  • He chats Nicklas Bendtner, his first edition of EA Sports FIFA and more

A former FIFA eClub World Cup champion, top-four finisher at the 2018 FIFA eWorld Cup™ and 2019 Danish eSuperliga winner.

With a CV like that, it is clear to see why Denmark’s 'Marcuzo' is regarded as one of the leading players on the competitive EA SPORTS FIFA scene.

The man from the North/FC Copenhagen represented his county at the FIFA eNations Cup™ 2019, marking another significant milestone in the 20-year-old’s already impressive career.

"To represent Denmark officially ranks very high in my career," 'Marcuzo', reflecting on the eNations Cup, told FIFA.com. "I’ve done a lot of great things in my career to date but this one ranks very high.

"There’s huge, huge pressure representing your country. We have a lot of great players in Denmark."

Not long after helping Denmark to a semi-final finish at the eNations Cup, the former Manchester City player tasted domestic success at club level with the North/FC Copenhagen in his debut season.

For 'Marcuzo', triumphing in the eSuperliga was a feat made even sweeter by doing it alongside his close friend: former world champion August Rosenmeier.

"I had a great time at Manchester City, but I wanted to go home and North/FC Copenhagen felt like the best step for me," he said. "I have my best friend Agge with me as well."

'Marcuzo', who grew up idolising Liverpool legend Steve Gerrard, began playing EA SPORTS FIFA in his native Denmark at the tender age of four before competing in a professional capacity in his late teens.

"My first FIFA was 2004 but it wasn’t until FIFA '17 that I started playing competitively," he said. "I started playing FIFA because I’ve always loved football. When I was four years old, I first started playing football and when I came home from training, I used to play FIFA with my dad.

"I’m in love with football and since I didn’t go far on the real pitch, I think FIFA was another good step."

Marcus Jorgensen of Denmark poses 2019-04-21 12:43:58

Now a Denmark international, 'Marcuzo' draws comparisons with on-field Danish players Thomas Delaney and Jannik Vestergaard due to his signature luscious locks. But if there was one Danish footballer he would compare himself to, who would it be and why?

"I would say Nicklas Bendtner, the lord!" he smiled. "He’s his own character, a special character. I think on the FIFA scene I’m also a bit special: I have my long hair which makes me stand out and I have a special attitude as well."

A special attitude is often needed to succeed at the highest level. And after a top four finish at the 2018 eWorld Cup, can 'Marcuzo' follow in the footsteps of friend and former world champion August Rosenmeier by going all the way in 2019?